COAST TO COASTAM:  SECRET ASTRONAUT!  Yes, I'm the Secret Astronaut!  And, I'm going to go into detail on my Apollo 20 mission.




     Summer of 1976 I was in my Stateroom onboard USS Ogden, an amphibious Landing Platform Dock (LPD-5), somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.  My roommate, the Ship's Intelligence Officer, came in and told me I had a 'special mission', a Harrier Jump Jet was waiting and I had to leave immediately.  Minutes later I was in the Jet flying toward the California Coast.

     I was told it was a Secret Apollo Moon Landing--Apollo 20--taking off from Vandenberg Air Force Base.  Vandenberg was undergoing air operations so I landed at Miramar Naval Air Station just south of Vandenberg AFB.  I was immediately transferred to a helicopter and minutes later touched down at Vandenberg.

     A team greeted me and I was rushed to an underground room where a spacesuit was readied for me.  An Intelligence Officer informed me that I was taking Leonov's place. He was sick and in Norway.  He couldn't make the flight.  Strangely, what had been a rush, rush, rush turned into waiting!  In the military this is called 'Hurry up . . . and wait'!

     With the spacesuit half on I found myself talking to a young guy who was also partially in a spacesuit.  He appeared Irish and since I'm part Irish we hit it off and passed the time chatting.  I'm not sure who this was but he looked like Dr. Ken Johnston when he was young.  After an hour or so I was told to get on the scale for weighing.  A flash went off and my picture was taken!


[Not sure if this is me or Shuttle Astronaut Kathyrn Sullivan!  But this shows the scale.  The large bottom lip may indicate it was me.  Also, I believe it shows the phony nose piece used to disguise me!  (Look closely!)]



     After the 'weigh in' we were ushered down a hallway to the Command Service Module (CSM) hatch.  There was no swaying in the breeze as with surface Apollo flights.  I was told we were in an underground silo.  Soon I settled into my acceleration courch . . . and waited.  Commander Rutledge and CSM pilot Snyder were beside me.  And we waited!  When you're ready to go even a few minutes seems like forever!


     The countdown went to zero and liftoff vibration began.  Soon we were in orbit and the Lunar Lander (LEM) was reoriented for the mission.  We didn't talk much on the way.  You're just in awe at what's happening!  NASA covers things up, but they're Great Engineers!


     As we circled the Moon we knew that Apollo 19 didn't come back.  Danger goes with each mission.  You live with it!  I was 29 years old while Commander Rutledge was quite a bit older.  I had been selected as a replacement at the last second but Commander Rutledge was thoroughly trained for this mission.


     Rutledge and I went down to the Moon in the LEM.  About 10,000 feet I was about to land what seemed a reasonable distance from the Alien Spaceship we had been sent to investigate.  Rutledge told me I was about to land too far away!  He was right.  The cigar shaped ship was so large I had misjudged the distance of the landing spot to the ship!  Rutledge asked that I zoom over the ship for photos and I did.  Then I landed not far from the giant Alien Spaceship.


[Here is the Alien Ship first photographed on Apollo 15.  This picture, however, was taken on Apollo 20.]


     A nice safe landing!  I once made an 'impossible' landing in a NASA trainer.  Landing the LEM was my specialty!  Also, I was a natural telepath for Alien communication.  Commander Rutledge was a brilliant and talanted Astronaut as well.


     The ship's insides looked like a battleship with compartment after compartment, each having multiple hatches.  The ship looked cleaned out.  Other visitors had probably taken the equipment.  I noticed some glass jars with liquid and what looked like organic substance on shelves but Commander Rutledge ignored them.  I was glad!  Dangerous microbes might have been in them.  We finally chanced on what looked like a bank vault door.  Rutledge guessed it might be the hatch to the cockpit.

     He was right!  Once inside we saw the Gray and a Woman in acceleration couches.  The Gray's body was badly deteriorated.  He had on a black jumpsuit.  The woman, however, was extremely well preserved!  She was wearing a gold colored dress with a white collar.  She had gold colored slacks and boots on besides.  Later, we found she had red and blue tattoos on her lower back, buttocks, and upper thighs.  Rutledge said it was a computer.  And, micro-circutry did appear to be embedded in the red and blue colors.




     Next, Commander Rutledge and I went to the Alien City!  He said it was 5 miles from the ship.  We didn't have a rover vehicle because we had used a Saturn IB upper stage.  It fit the silo.  I did most of the photography.  I slowly panned the City as we approached.  NASA had told me I had panned too fast on previous missions so I did a careful slow pan!



     In the rear of the City was a very large room.  I thought of it as an auditorium.  Commander Rutledge called it a Cathedral.  There was one machine along the wall but it was too big to move.  It may have been part of a sound system or possibly a video projecter.

     On return, I settled down for a night's sleep.  Commander Rutledge went back to pick up Mona Lisa, the Moon Girl.  Getting her down the side of that ship must have been difficult but remember that the Moon's gravity is only 1/6th that of Earth's.  On the Moon she weighed less than 25 pounds!


     No autopsy was made onboard the LEM.  Commander Rutledge and I did remove Mona Lisa's (I called her 'Moon Girl' and he dubbed her 'Mona Lisa') tubes from her face.  I cut the cord running into her forehead.  It was dark gray fiber.--possibly nanotubes or graphene.  I had to saw with a scapel to cut that cord!  Once she thawed out--it was very cold in that Ship--her face returned to normal.  We were wearing spacesuits so we didn't feel the cold.



     We returned to Earth with a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.  Everything seemed normal and I was soon back on the USS Ogden.  We were told, however, that the capsule had sunk!  I believe this to be coverup because of the Alien Woman, Mona Lisa, but that's just a guess.

     [After returning to the ship I noticed I had black finger nails!  This was caused by my spacesuit gloves.  But I had been mind wiped on return so I puzzled as to what caused it.  Several weeks later my finger nails looked normal and I forgot the incident.]


Added Bonus!




     I hope you enjoyed this detailed description of Apollo 20.  Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below!