Hello world. The following was written 7/25/2018.

Over the weekend I experienced a number of visions. In sharing these visions my brothers have made statements and asked questions that had my Guides responding with some pretty interesting information on responsibility and perceptions.

A brother states, "If you accept this enslavement then you willing accept the mark of the beast. When you deny that mark you quickly see the mark in others."

My Guides respond, "All are trained to accept this indoctrination unknowingly. ALL are trained to do this. It is when one starts to question that which has been taught to them that the Truth becomes clear. It is then that they are able to witness this Truth throughout all of Humanity being played out like scenes on a stage…"

My brother responds, "Yes we are, since the beginning of our knowledge of separation from source we inherited it (Adam/Eve). However, Source created female before Eve, and that seed understand s this basic principle and hence still some enlighted people out there."

My Guides respond, "Ah, you are choosing to see differences between yourself and your brothers. There are no differences between you other than those you have chosen to place between you. None are above nor below the other in importance nor level of ability to access the knowing already within them. You are EQUALS in ALL WAYS. You only believe there are differences because you have been trained to perceive them being there. It is a CHOICE YOU are making to perceive and believe in separation here. You are the one choosing to place a wall between you and your brothers with these imagined differences."

A brother asks, "Why would God create this reality of duality with all the pain, suffering, fear and death, then immerse Himself into it wiping away all memory of who He is while creating others to experience that misery as well?"

My Guides respond, "Why does one play a video game? Why does one enter into a virtual reality? Why does an actor choose to pretend they are someone they are not?

Each of the aforementioned items are choices one makes to disconnect from their perspective realities and immerse themselves in another. They create an entire world, body, personality and way of being in that reality that is different from the one they would know as being theirs.

The video games one plays reflect aspects of their reality that they are in conflict with, such as these violent fear laden games where one is constantly fighting to stay alive. The virtual reality games work at being even more immersive and realistic in the experiencing.

Then you have the actor. They take the game to an entirely different level of reality. They complete the circuit of becoming who they are not. Doing that which they would never do themselves in their reality. They cross the barriers of what is acceptable to the psyche of decency. All for a chance at the experiencing of the possibility of another reality that is far removed from that of their own.

In each of these, one is making a choice to dive into a different reality. Each one is choosing to experiencing what goes against all they know, for the understanding it may bring them of what is possible in their own reality if they chose to believe it is possible for them.

These games being played, immersing oneself in a new reality where all the barriers to what is acceptable by Societies standards and your own moral codes is pushed aside, create a vortex of dark energy within and without the one choosing the experience. As they disconnect from who THEY ARE to become who they ARE NOT, they begin to forget all they would be and stand for in their True reality. For they pull the darkest images into themselves and begin to recreate them in their True Reality. They manifest that which they have chosen to focus all their attentions on.

It is not God that has created this reality and placed you here in it. Like your video games and the plays on the stage you choose to immerse yourself in this. You are the one making this choice to be here experiencing all that you are. You are the one who must begin to accept responsibility for your own choices and decisions to choose to judge all that is being experienced here by you. For you are the one who is creating your reality for you. No one is to blame for what it is you have chosen to believe so perceive your reality to be for you. That is a choice you have made for you. No one makes your choices for you here. You make each one yourself.

Accept responsibility for yourselves and your choices to believe as you are. Be willing to look at all you have been taught and question it's validity in Truth. Be willing to accept responsibility for your own choices and you will be given the opportunity to change your mind and choose differently. If you would end your own pain and suffering here in your reality, you will have to willingly look at what it is you have been choosing to believe. Until you see what it is you have chosen and accept your responsibility in this… You will continue making believe you are a victim of this world that you perceive yourself to be a part of…."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.