Hello world. The following was written 7/26/2016. 

My Husband and I had taken our very first vacation. It was our very first true vacation. We have been together for 18 years now going on 19. We were coming up on 17 years together when we took this vacation. While on this vacation I found myself stepping into my abilities and experiencing my first "reading", for lack of a better phrase here, of a brother and what was needed for their healing. I will do my best to share as much detail as I can here with you all…

We took our very first true vacation ever to the ECETI Ranch at Mt. Adams, Washington. Alex and I spent 6 days away camping from Wednesday last week until yesterday. To be able to get away and completely disconnect was so wonderful. I did have an option to whip out my cell phone or my laptop and go online at the ranch we were camping at up in the mountains. Yet, I chose to forgo that in lieu of connecting to those beings around me.

Had some very interesting things happen while we were there. Apparently the area up there is known for bringing up the darkness within us to the surface for healing. Yet, strangely enough I did not experience any of the negative energies that everyone else was. I found myself at a very high energy level that had me smiling, singing, laughing, and dancing the entire time we were there. Yet as high as my energy was I could literally see everyone else around me spiraling through various forms of darkness.

Then things got real interesting. I found myself the recipient of the purging of the soul from everyone my path would cross. Each being would pour their heart out to me of all the things they are experiencing in their life. Each time I would be shown what was blocking them and how to remove it.

One such incident my Guides kept repeating for me to hold the persons hand that was sharing with me. When I finally asked them if I may hold their hand for a moment, as soon as I did I was given a vision of a heart surrounded by a pink rose color that was very subdued in tone, stating that there was a block there that needed healing and removal. At that point they shared that they had had a reading and clearing done earlier that day and was told she had a block. But they were not sure what it was connected too.

I found myself asking if they would be willing to share with me some of the things they are experiencing in their life that is causing them pain, suffering, and trauma. They immediately responded with an outpouring of the trials they are dealing with where they work. They were hired on to fix problems that were created by those in charge of the company. Now they find themselves feeling like they are being blamed for the issues that created the need for them to be hired there in the first place.

My Guides response was immediate to this outpouring. They were trying to take responsibility for their boss's anger, thoughts, and feelings. They were believing they were doing something wrong and were beginning to feel as if they were the victim. My response was to offer correction. To explain that their boss was seeing them as a personal punishment and not as the answer to fixing the problem that they were hired on to do.

I explained that they needed to drop two feet. Meaning, they needed to drop from their head into their heart instead. That they would need to approach their boss with love from the heart and not anger and judgment from the head. That in interacting with their boss they will need to step up and speak from the heart, not the head. To share that they were hired to correct and fix myriad issues within the company. That their only purpose there is to help correct whatever needs correcting. They were hired on by that person to be of help. That they are not there to punish anyone. Especially not their boss. Their only purpose and intent is to help in the healing needed.

In everything their boss was experiencing their presence as a punishment against themselves. That they were judging the person they "had" to hire on as a punishment. This entire conversation and experience took place in the space of 5–10 minutes from start to finish.

The next morning they approached me again stating that they had dreamed about the things I had shared and they will be speaking to their boss when they get back to work. They came up to the ranch to look at the situation and to decide if they needed to move on yet. They did not feel like they were ready to move on.

There were so many other incidents that happened while we were there. Every night I would wake up somewhere around 3–4 AM to use the bathroom. Each night I would find my eyes drawn to the tree next to the labyrinth. Each night I would see beautiful glowing balls of light weaving around and in and out of the tree before shooting from the very center of it up into the night sky disappearing into the the stars.

I could feel the presence of beings around me watching me and listening to me constantly that I could not see. I could feel them there around me. Sometimes even touching me. Yet, I could not "see" them. I felt no fear, for I felt no threat. I could feel their curiosity of me. That I was unusual in their experience. For I held no fear within me, no worry. There were so many new experiences for me there. Yet I think most of those will go for other posts.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you all.