Hello world. The following was written 7/26/2017.

A brother shares, "Anyone Who Gives You a Belief System is Your Enemy."

My response, "Something I have come to understand on this journey brother is that everyone holds beliefs. Everyone shares whatever it is they are choosing to believe. What seems to be misunderstood throughout all society is a belief that we must accept and conform to the beliefs of those around us. This simply is not true brother.

There comes a point on ones journey where they begin to accept and allow their brothers to believe as they so choose. They reach a point where they are no longer willing to blindly follow and believe whatever has been or is being said to them as being the absolute truth. They no longer find themselves picking up on those things that have trapped their brothers.

Just because your brother is choosing to think and believe differently does not make him your enemy. All that means is that his journey is taking him on a different route than you. In many instances what happens is your brother continues to blindly follow without questioning what it is he is or has been taught. They have chosen to become sheeple to be a part of the group.

Accept and allow that your brother has chosen differently than you. Understand that their choices do not make them your enemy brother. Their choices have simply made you a Light in the Darkness for them."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.