I assisted in the development of Warp Jump Drive.  Enormous work on the part of Genius NASA Engineers found, in several years of work, the frequencies involved in Warp Jump Drive.  Myself and another Secret Astronaut tested Warp Jump Drive (and Teleportation) in a rocket flight from KSC in 1972!


[Note:  Warp Jump Drive was tested more than 36 years ago.  It and the test flight is UNCLASSIFIED.]


     We left Earth orbit to Mars in the World's first Warp Jump!  Instantly achieving Mars orbit we teleported--using the same frequencies as the Warp Jump Drive--to the planet's surface.  Later, I used it twice more.  This included Warp Jump Drive to the Cigar Galaxy (M82).  A jump, once in position for the jump, takes only seconds!  I arrived and returned in perfect physical condition.

     The energy requirement isn't exorbitant.  Not all the energy in the Universe!  In 1972 the capsules electrical system was all that was needed.  For the Cigar Galaxy a small, satellite sized, nuclear generator was all that was needed.

     Not onlly can we colonize the Milky Way Galaxy but billions of other Galaxies besides!  And, we can economically support and trade with these Colonies!  America's SPACE FORCE can protect these Colonies!  We can do this . . . NOW!


[Note:  Attempts were made, by who I don't know, to even make me--and probably others--believe that America's Warp Jump Drive doesn't work.  I was told, under hypnosis, by a female programmer that people come back looking like hamberg!  It's a lie!  It works perfectly!]



Within 500 Years, the Vast Majority of the Human Race will be Living off Earth

Jul 17, 2020
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COAST TO COAST AM - Beyond billionaires like Bezos, Musk, and Branson, there are working engineers whose companies are getting backed by big investments in countries around the world including New Zealand, Ukraine, and China. Zubrin believes humanity's destiny lies beyond Earth, and within 500 years, the "vast majority of the human race will be living off Earth...we'll be on thousands of other planets orbiting stars in this region of the galaxy." They will look back on our current time period as when this pioneering spirit first took shape, he commented. Zubrin was somewhat critical of Jeff Bezos' idea of floating colonies living in near-Earth space, as this would entail huge set-up costs, and would be easier to set up on an existing asteroid. He also outlined how Mars might be terraformed with greenhouse gases like carbon tetrafluoride, which in 10-years time could raise temperatures there by 10 degrees.


Remember, we can make these flights . . . instantly!





[Note:  America doesn't have a population problem.  America needs more people . . . quickly!]