Hello world. The following was written 7/28/2016.

Spirit is saying our judgments are the ties binding us to this Hell. When we let go of our judgments peace is the results. What is stated here is that all of us are trained from birth to judge everything we experience. It is our judgments that cause our pain and suffering.

Spirit is saying there is no yes and there is no, no. All is All. There is no separation, there cannot be. When one lets go of the judgments taught to them they gain an inner peace. They no longer see any difference between themselves and their brothers. That each being is equal in every way. They see themselves within their brothers and their bothers within themselves. ALL IS ALL.

It is in that instant that the Holy Spirit's Vision is given to bare witness to where our brothers are on their journey and what they are believing in. Their judgments are what tells us this. That is what we are to witness is their judgments of themselves and the world they perceive.

It is in those moments that we stand up and Testify to His Truth in our lives by sharing what He has shown us. How we have been healed of that belief in those judgments.

This illusion/hallucination/block to our awareness of who we are within, which is love, would be our judgments and beliefs of what we are choosing to think and believe everything should be. It is our judgments that blind us to the Truth of who we are and who our brothers are as well as this world we perceive. It is those judgments that color our purview of everything.

When one lets go their judgments they find the freedom to simply be. To be authentic in who they are, hiding nothing. For in hiding nothing and sharing everything, freedom is gained! For nothing can be used to harm one when one keeps no secrets from themselves or anyone else.

In letting go judgment I can be my Authentic Self. I no longer fear the judgments of others because I no longer choose to judge. Spirit tells me I am to Witness what my brothers testify to in their lives. Their judgments tell me what it is they believe.

When I testify to what I witness, I am to state what I am seeing or being Shown in those moments, then share how I have been shown it differently. I am to offer another perspective for them to consider and even choose if they so desire. It does not have to be accepted. There is no expectation of acceptance or denial. It is what it is and the choice is theirs and always will be.

I share my Truth as Holy Spirit has shown it to me. I look at all He places before me to look at without picking and choosing what it is that I think or believe it is that I am supposed to see. I look without picking and choosing or judging what will be or what any of it is for. I look and I question, what is this for? How is this of benefit to me and my brothers? How will this help me and Humanity? Is this True? What would you have me do, say and to whom? In all things I ask before I do, how about you?

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.