Hello world. The following was written 7/28/2020.

We have all heard the saying, "Hindsight is 2Q/2Q". Everything we go through is for our benefit whether we know it in the moment or not. All have lessons we are to learn of ourselves buried within them. 2020 is for hindsight, Revelations, inner growth and Awakening to what is in front of you and that which you choose.

Humanity. did you forget that hindsight comes with 2020 vision to see what was as it really was and not as you believed?

Consciousness as it is perceived is what you are working from without true consciousness nor understanding that it is actually your subconscious mind in the drivers seat working from the programming you received subliminally unknowingly!

You know, I shared a couple of months ago a list of movies that would open your eyes Humanity to the psychology behind what is being used on you to manipulate you. Do you all remember me sharing the following list?

The Network (1976)
1984 (movie)
Soylent Green
The Circle
The Dreyfuss Initiative
They Live

They literally tell you what they are going to do and want to do or are doing and we ignore it all believing it could not happen here. The Network speaks to how it is the media is lying to the public and putting forth false narratives for monetary gain and political power and control over what the populous thinks, perceives so believes. It literally shows you the TRUTH of the lies they feed you constantly! Caligula speaks to the psychology of using fear to control. The Circle, social networking manipulation.

I have talked about symbolism. I have talked about ancient cultures, secret societies and many other items. Now consider satanism and the symbolism used in context to it. Pedo symbols are everywhere, even in the church. Now look at the symbolism of masks. They were used in ancient times to silence one and announce to all who witnessed them that they ARE A SLAVE.

Consider history. The Inquisition was a splitting of the church into Light and Darkness. What has been at the head for many centuries is the Darkness. This is why so many symbols are prominently displayed in plain sight. Yet the Light has been shining on these things. The actors on the stage change, yet the story line remained the same. Until NOW! The Darkness became comfortable in its place so forgot to hide what it did even as it told what it was doing. It is these lapses that have opened it to destruction from the Light.

Nothing is as it may seem. For all that is believed has been twisted from what is not. The Truth was twisted to lies and the lies made into truth. They corrupt Humanity at the core through indoctrination into blind following, acceptance and belief. Slavery! In all things they are turning Humanity from Their Creator, God. They have placed other beings in God's place and would have us worship these beings instead as they have done with the Bible and Jesus. Our religious houses tell us Jesus is God and we should worship him. What my Guides have shown me is that Jesus was a MAN who turned within to gain guidance and understanding from Holy Spirit and God from within him. Jesus is my BROTHER and NOT my FATHER or GOD as these churches would have me believe. As an older brother he has set an example for me to follow and nothing more. I AM NOT to worship him for HE IS my EQUAL here.

Hindsight is 2Q2Q. Its time to realize the authority lied to you! The reason why the governments of the world are denying ET visitations, abductions, secret societies, back room deals and so many other things is because they have been making deals. This makes them culpable and responsible for crimes against Humanity and those who started it are dead. So who is responsible now?

Those placed in authority are responsible now and so are WE! We are just as responsible for what is occurring as those who are committing the atrocities being experienced. Our choices to blindly accept, follow and believe IS what has placed us here and now in a nightmare we cannot seem to escape from because we have been trained to see ourselves as victims. With a little mustard seed of willingness we can change ourselves and our reality. We have to willingly choose to seek the Truth above all else. We have to Seek in order to find and to ASK before we can be given what we seek!

There has been a number of articles coming out talking about events that are occurring or have occurred that many were not aware of. I watch and listen to my brothers repeating the main stream news narratives without researching or questioning what it is the so called authority is telling them. Such as Trump pulling scientists and funding away from the Wuhan Laboratory a couple months prior to the virus hitting the world. They accept and believe it was Trump paying for the virus to be spread...

With a little research one would find that it was under the Obama administration that American scientists were sent to work in China and that it was under Obama that Billions of dollars was sent there for research on viruses. There are even pictures floating around of Obama with Fauci and Melinda Gates at the Wuhan Laboratory back in 2014 or 2015 I believe. A little more research and one would also find that Fauci and Gates are heavily invested in the Wuhan Laboratory as well as these pharmaceutical companies racing to make the next kill vaccine. For that is what it is being made to do.

Now as to Trump pulling out our scientists and any funding that was being sent to Wuhan, WHO, CDC and the rest... Every one of these entities are corrupt and being run by the CCP (Communist Chinese Party). Every one of these democratic governors, mayors and many of these attorney generals in their cities and states are also bought and paid for by the CCP.

Consider how California under the Obama administration sold a lease to the CCP for 2 out of our 3 major ports here in the state. Most of the production companies in Hollywood are now owned and or funded by the CCP. All of our colleges and universities have been infiltrated by communist socialist marxists and are being funded by the CCP. Also under the Obama administration 1/3 of our active Uranium supply was sold to Russia through a back door sale moving the materials out of the USA into Canada and from there to Russia of which Hillary Clinton, John McCain and a number of other crooks including Obama and Biden themselves all took part in selling that uranium to Russia.

So the Russia collusion was a projection of the crimes the last administration was doing. McCain and Kerry were working in Libya with ISIS and a number of other terrorist groups to attack our troops and cities all over the world. Consider the attacks in Brussels and other places at that time and you see how they were working to distract, promote terror and undermine the governments of the world and their people. Their goal to manipulate through fear the people to get them to beg for a one world government to protect them, when it is that One World Government abusing them. Who is behind all of this? The NWO...

When Trump took office he signed an Executive Order going after Human Traffickers and in particular Child Sex Traffickers and those who commit crimes against Humanity. From day one they have been going after him, trying to undermine all he has been doing to stop them all and hold them all accountable for their actions. With Maxwells arrest they are panicked. The majority of our politicians, Hollywood Elites, Corporations, Aristocracy, religious houses, government agencies and even the medical industry and pharmaceutical industries have been taking part in human trafficking and in particular child sex trafficking, murder and cannibalism.

Since Trump has taken office a huge number of trafficking rings and black market rings have been getting shut down. Research the nxivm sex cult and how many were connected to that like Weinstein... There are groups like Vets for Child Rescue who have been doing busts on these traffickers and rescuing thousands of children and young women. Research the organ harvesting being done by the CCP from Falun Gong Practitioners. It is all out there in the open for Humanity to Witness the Truth of what is and has been being done here.

Ever wonder why it is so many people are asking where is Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and a large number of others that have suddenly fallen off the face of the planet? No tweets, instagrams, facebook posts or anything other than "timed" pieces that are preset to be published on specific dates at a later time for whatever movies or music they had coming out at a future date so would be able to schedule those publishing release dates ahead of time.

Same can be said of all those CEO's who stepped down suddenly just days before the virus hit causing the stock markets to crash. Notice how you are seeing very little of your democrat representatives of late? Most are no shows in Washington DC and few if any are being seen in the home states. So where the hell are they all? Why are they pushing these fear tactics over the common cold or flu to get us to vote remotely or by mail? Especially with so many reports coming our of how they have been committing voter fraud and tampering with the ballots in so many states. They had elected officials stuffing ballots. Postal Service Delivery Drivers dumping ballots into dumpsters. Had the post office leaving pallets of ballots on the trucks, on the docks and scattered across the mail room floor and used as a carpet...

As I stated if one were to do a little bit of research for themselves and question the narratives being handed out to them by the main stream media and their chosen authority figures, they would quickly realize that they have been being lied to for a very long time. That nothing they believe in is real or true. Everything has been a psyop to manipulate them using fear to gain their willing compliance and adherence to a supposed authority figure that will eventually torture them, then murder them while telling them they brought it on themselves and it is all their fault...

These people are willing to do anything to get Trump out of office right now before the hammer falls and all is revealed to the populous about the dark crimes against Humanity all of these beings have been committing. If Trump wins election again they all know they are looking at the Death Penalty for sedition, treason and crimes against Humanity, especially children for all of them are pedophiles and cannibals. It is also why they are fighting so hard to keep places like planned parent hood open. It is a food source for them since planned parenthood dissects many of their "specimens" while they still have a heart beat. This provides them plenty of adrenal-chrome blood. The organ harvesting also provides them a food source for their cannibal clubs here in the USA and throughout the world. The CCP has a never ending supply of body that they are making billions off of just as planned parenthood is off of the innocent...

Like I said, if one would do a little research, "Hindsight is 2Q/2Q".


Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.