There are numerous important reasons to take supplements, and these items are available at a variety of stores. While consuming a nutritious diet is vital, you may not ingest certain minerals or vitamins that will lead to overall mental and physical wellness. 

Do You Have Food Allergies? 

When you have food allergies, it is difficult to get enough nutrients in your daily diet. If you can't drink milk or eat cheese, then you aren't getting enough calcium from other foods, so you should take a calcium supplement each day to have stronger teeth and bones. 

Preventing Chronic Fatigue 

If you feel tired most of the time, then you may need supplements that will boost your energy levels. When you are anemic, you will need a supplement that contains iron, or you might need a dietary supplement that has vitamin D. Make sure to follow the recommended dosage of supplements to avoid any side effects. 

Having Frequent Illnesses 

It isn't normal to have frequent illnesses such as colds, so if this is happening to you, then your immune system is in bad condition. Look for a multivitamin or single dietary supplement that contains large amounts of vitamin C that will improve the condition of your body's immune system. 

A Decline In Cognitive Abilities 

When you notice a decline in your cognitive abilities or memory, you should determine if a dietary supplement is required. Omega-3 fatty acids can improve the way that your brain functions, but if you don't like eating fatty fish, then you should take a supplement that contains this nutrient. 

Changes In Your Vision 

If you have dry eyes or poor visual acuity, then you need additional vitamin A. This nutrient is in several foods such as dark leafy green vegetables, eggs and tomatoes, but you may not eat enough of these foods. Begin taking vitamin A supplements to have improvements in your vision within a few weeks. 

You Are Having Thyroid Problems 

The thyroid in your throat is responsible for regulating the body's temperature and brain functions. Iodine is an essential nutrient for your thyroid, but it is only in certain foods. If you aren't ingesting enough iodine, then taking a dietary supplement that contains this nutrient can improve your health. 

Planning a Pregnancy 

If you are planning a pregnancy, then you should begin taking folic acid supplements. This nutrient is essential for fetuses because it helps the spinal cord's neural tubes to develop. Folic acid also creates healthy red blood cells so that an infant isn't anemic. 

Do You Have Muscle Weakness? 

When you have weak muscles that twitch or cramp, you may have a magnesium deficiency. It can take several weeks to eat enough magnesium-rich foods to overcome your muscle problems, so you should take supplements by Tony Horton that help give you energy and power.

Do You Have Cardiovascular Disease? 

Cardiovascular disease is a common health problem that affects your blood vessels, arteries and heart, but you can use antioxidant dietary supplements to improve your health. Antioxidants can eliminate the free radicals that are in your body's cells. 

You Need Additional Amino Acids 

If you want to use a dietary supplement that provides multiple benefits, then chlorella B12 is an excellent choice. This supplement contains amino acids, iron, trace minerals, fatty acids and several vitamins. The source of this dietary supplement is algae that is processed and placed in capsules or made into small tablets. 

How Many People Take Dietary Supplements? 

Nearly 70 percent of Americans take one or more dietary supplements to improve their mental or physical health. Surveys reveal that most consumers believe that dietary supplements are safe products to use on a daily or occasional basis, and the truth is, they are completely safe and very beneficial to your health. Evaluate your energy levels and your health, figure out which supplements you should be taking to improve your health, and then add taking your supplements to your daily routine.