The possibility that America, NATO, and the World may be attacked--at any time--by Aliens increases every day.  More and more the bottom 1% of Aliens see us as a lethal threat.  I can only guess as to why.  Perhaps they have been in violent wars with Nordics before.  Maybe we just look disgusting to them.  And, our rapid technological rise may appear dangerous and they want to 'nip it in the bud'.

     We must maintain a sizeable military and push hard to increase our military technology.  America's citizens must be prepared at all times for Alien attack.  Today Alien attack is a real possibility.  It could come as asymmetric warfare where huge numbers of body duplicates are used, a Pandemic is unleashed, or a nuclear war is begun between two Earth Countries.  Or, it could simply be a number of mile wide saucers each carrying several hundred thousand heavily armed soldiers.

     It's vital that all Americans realize that Aliens exist and some are dangerous.  It's vital that we are psychologically prepared for weird looking Alien soldiers marching down our streets.  In such a case our MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX must explode into action.  The miiitary must move quickly and smoothly to stop the enemy at all costs.  Civil Defense must take action.  Citizens must be informed of Alien strength and capabiilities, and appropriate action to take.  Militias must respond immediately, taking action to destroy the enemy while assisting civilians.

     The worst Alien armies can do is torture and kill you.  This isn't any different from what the Axis Powers tried to do in WWII!  And, yes, Aliens will attempt psychological warfare including mind control.  In Vietnam at the Battle of Nha Trang Air Base during the TET OFFENSIVE the enemy used psyops and told us that if we gave up they would even give us breakfast in bed!  . . . We killed the enemy anyway.  War is kill or be killed.  Don't believe anything the enemy says!




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Alien attack has happened before.  It can happen again.  What happened to Venezuela is probably how Alien attack will be made in the future.