In daily life, you can see all kinds of patterns and patterns on the gift box, so how do you draw this pattern and pattern? The answer to this question is closely related to the existence of a fully automatic Hot Air Stenter. Inseparable connection, in fact, the reason why the pattern on the packaging bag is so beautiful depends on the characteristics of the fully automatic hot air stenter.

The full-automatic hot-air stenter uses a very thick ink layer. From painting to coloring, the characters on the packaging can be vivid and vivid, with rounded wire frame contours without losing color. Moreover, it is equipped with a unique frequency conversion control, which can determine the frequency and rate of use according to the difference of the printing pattern and the size of the package, and can be colored at one time during the entire printing process. In addition, even if there are different conditions that require different color pastes on the packaging box, you can finish them all at once. At the same time, it can save everyone's second coloring time and color processing.

In the use, even if there is a high degree of discoloration required for the printing effect, it can be easily solved, and even under the high-frequency and fast working conditions, printing errors are not easy to occur. And it can maintain its own pattern clearly and easily distinguishable, with bright and round color tone, which means that because the ink layer of the automatic hot-air stenter is thicker, it is less likely to fade and fade.

In addition, the Flat Screen Printer Factory can be connected to the relative dryer equipment or slitting machine when using the automatic hot-air stenter, which can highlight its advantages. And because of the many shortcomings of the semi-automatic or manual hot-air stenter, there are many unsatisfactory places when actually used. At the same time, the automatic hot-air stenter is integrated into the trend of social development, while the semi-automatic and manual hot-air stenter It is only a matter of time before the frame is replaced.