Hello world. The following was written 7/29/2018.

It seems as if some folks do not believe that the Truth is loving… They seem to hold the belief that the Truth is hurtful. They hold no comprehension that those lies they hold onto so dearly are what is going to kill them in the end. It is the Truth that will set you free and end all pain and suffering. It may hurt at first when we are in the moments of the acceptance of it. Yet once it is accepted it stops hurting…

There seems to be a dialogue going on behind closed doors in a manner of speaking. A couple of folks decided to start talking shit about me to others. When I responded through the proxy back at them… Their panties got in a wad and I ruffled their feathers a bit. They were invited to come talk directly to me if they are brave enough… Haven't heard a fucking word from either of them….YET! LMAO!

It amazes me how my brothers will rant, rave and curse me to others behind closed doors. Yet, they are unwilling to step up to me and say what they say to my face in a manner of speaking. It seems my brothers are terrified that I will tear down the walls of lies they have been building their shaky foundations on.

My brothers are believing in the lies that were taught to them and that are being spoon fed to them by those they have chosen to believe have authority over them. These would be those beings they have placed on pedestals as being better than they are or think they "know" better than they do.

These are the same folks who are blindly following and believing what is said to them by someone who says they are the authority because they have a piece of paper that they BOUGHT that says they do…. SERIOUSLY!

What are they using these pieces of paper for and those books they grovel to every day, when they hold them in their hands on front of their brothers faces? They use the papers to slice and dice while beating and bludgeoning everyone around them who hold a different perspective of their reality with those books in their hands. In their minds they are the Teacher and they have the paper to prove it. They believe everyone should be following, worshiping and supporting them financially for they are the Teacher here and their brothers are their flock of sheep that need to be blindly led like lemmings over the cliff because they hold authority over them.

These folks do not want you to heal and start thinking for yourselves. They want you blindly following them. They want you seeking their guidance with the carrot on the stick they dangle before you. They are not there to help you. They are there to help themselves to all you have. They will use and abuse you while telling you that you are the one doing something wrong. That you are so close to getting it, yet you just aren't there yet… In everything YOU are expected to conform to their dictates and ask for permission before you would speak your Truth. Only to be told you have it wrong and need to get back in place where they have put you. You are not to speak unless spoken too.

Everything they have chosen to do is propagate the egoistic lies that were taught to them and that they witnessed and chose to place value upon. They value control, money, hierarchy and dominion over those around them as being successful. They hold a belief that power and domination over another is needed and wanted. They carry on and propagate the lies they have been indoctrinated into believing. They are willingly accepting their own slavery and trying their damnedest to enslave every one of their brothers around them too.

These are the folks who are in denial of who they are. They will stand there screaming that you are white and evil. Yet, they do not look at their own reflection to see that they are white too. They do not look at themselves when they spew their lies and vitriol condemning another for something they have no control over. They cannot see the Truth that would stare them back in the face that they are HYPOCRITES.

They place a false facades and wear a mask to hide the truth of who they are. They fear their brothers judgments so would judge their brothers first. They play the game of the school yard bully telling you that you need to pay them for their protection FROM THEM. They accepted the abuses from their abusers making up excuses for why they did so. They experience Stockholm Syndrome. They start identifying with their abusers.

They trap themselves in co-dependent relationships so they can feel connected to someone, anyone who would give them some attention. Even if that attention is abusive and detrimental to their own mental, emotional and physical well being. In all things they choose to believe they are the issue and the one who must conform and change to be what is being demanded of them. They are to willingly accept their own slavery if they are to be accepted…

These folks are the product of their own choices to believe. They accept conditional love and it's myriad abuses as unconditional love. They have it twisted in their minds. That you must accept the abuses and grovel down on your belly before you will be acceptable, found worthy, given love and comfort. They are willingly choosing to enslave themselves in a belief it will gain them love and acceptance and make someone else responsible for them.

They do this to escape the responsibility for their own choices to be and believe as they have chosen to. They continue to point fingers and place blame on those outside of them. They continue to rant, rave and scream out their vitriol that THEY ARE the victim here, not you… In everything they refuse to look at their own choices to judge as they do. The refuse to question what they think is true. They refuse to accept responsibility that they are the ones choosing the Hell they experience and cannot see their way out of.

These same folks are the ones who would have you believe that they are the teacher and know the way. The only way they now is the fastest road to hell in a hand basket being paved by their Ego's so called, good intentions….

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.