Hello world. The following was written 7/30/2018.

Humanity, you have been indoctrinated into a mentality of willing slavery through controlled subversive manipulations created to subvert your Free Will to be Self Governing. Humanity, you have been psychologically indoctrinated into a Cult Mentality that is identified as what we call Society.

Humanity is waking up to what has been happening to them. They are seeing how their Sovereignty is being stripped from them. They are seeing how they are being forced to accept their enslavement with this belief that there is an "authority".

Humanity, the ones claiming authority over you are slowly stripping away your ability to communicate with each other. One of the tactics they use is to label something and give it a definition. Another way is to take a word and CHANGE it's meaning. Another is to limit the variety of words you are "allowed" to use to communicate with.

Humanity, your minds are being used against you. The medium of control being used is your own willingness to accept the prohibitions these false authority figures are dictating to you. You are accepting another's limitations and control of your ability to function and communicate with those around you effectively.

Consider doing some research into the foundations of psychology, subliminal manipulation, coercion and indoctrination. Then consider looking into prohibitions, the laws and slavery. Now consider looking into what Sovereignty and being Self Governing really are and pertain to. How does psychology play into your enslavement?

It is a CHOICE you and the rest of Humanity made to believe and accept the laws that are handed to you. It is a choice you made to believe someone has authority over you. It is what YOU have been indoctrinated into accepting and believing blindly without question. Psychology is key!

Psychology is key and is THE KEY! One needs to understand how it is their mind works. How it processes the information given. One must learn to discern Truth from Lie. One needs to understand their mind can and will be used against them if they do not learn how it functions.

There is no left and there is no right Folks. They are the same entity being looked at from different perspectives or angles. Both assume the title of the authority. That is the illusion you are indoctrinated into believing. That you are required to accept their authority over you.

Consider what is shared here with you. Consider researching how it is your mind functions and how the power of suggestion is used on you daily. Everything you see, hear and read has been created to twist your mind to a pointed perspective and view of who you are and what you are "ALLOWED" to do. Each one is training you to willingly accept another's authority over you and have you WILLINGLY ACCEPTING your own SLAVERY.

The ones who state they are the authority over you use fear tactics to get you to comply willingly. They use your fears of being judged against you. You fear being judged because you were taught that to be judged was to be singled out and ostracized by those around you. You are told you are less than so will be punished for not conforming to the group mentality of Society. You are trained to not question the rules nor those writing them. You are indoctrinated to accept all they tell you blindly without question for fear of being persecuted in front of your brothers with their judgments and labels being heaped upon you.

Your minds are being used against you. They are using psychological warfare tactics on you the People. They poison your water, air and food. They teach you to believe that lies are the truth and that the Truth is a lie. You are being trained to feel shame, guilt and fear about your sex, skin color, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. You are being trained to believe there are differences between you and to kill anyone different than you. You are being indoctrinated to separate from each other, judge each other, persecute each other and then to KILL each other.

This IS what psychology is doing to you without you being aware of it. It is right there in front of you every single day and you are trained to NOT SEE it there. You are trained to over look it. You are trained to blindly accept the dictates of anyone who states they are the authority over you.

Humanity you are and have been indoctrinated into accepting your own enslavement willingly…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.