Talk of the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM sounds like tall tales to the vast majority of people.  Things I have said have at best only been half accepted.  Fake News and Officialdom don't mention the TR3-B not to mention some of the other Secret Space Program vehicles.  But I know that the TR3-B exists because I have flown it at least 4 times!  And, I have seen a couple of other 'ships' in the Secret Space Fleet.  So, yes, the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM exists.

     Dr. Salla is yet another source of information on the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM.  He has written well researched books on the topic.  


     I flew the mission in the video below.  I activated it's Jump Warp Drive!  This video is REAL!  This mission was completely friendly.  It was designed to show France. and Europe. what America had developed.  Yes, America wanted to brag!

     [At the end you will see a Jump Warp Drive activation.  I did a short jump but I could have jumped to another Galaxy!  The jump takes only a second.  Mankind can spread out in Colonies.  And we can trade with those Colonies!  Yes, even in other Galaxies!]



Added Bonus!