As a former TR3-B pilot I'm going to educate the World as to what America has accomplished!

     The TR3-B has an internal cockpit because air friction can be enormous at high speed.  You enter from the bottom of the plane and are greeted by a large instrument panel with a computer screen in the center as well as a Forward Looking Infrared screen (FLIR).  Today there are two camera visual screens to each side of the instrument panel.  These, by the way, should be enlarged and two more screens added for side views.  This is called:  SITUATIONAL AWARENESS!  Come on Engineers, pretend you're the pilot when you do your designs.

     I once entered a TR3-B and didn't know if I was in a hanger or not.  Moreover, the panel lights were out and the two visual screens blank.  

     The TR3-B is faster than Hell and has Jump Warp Cabability.  It also has a rotary launcher.  Did those that would attack America hear that?  And, yes, America has built a bunch of them!  They are underground where YOU can't see them with your satellites.


Here are a couple of posted videos on the TR3-B.  It has been protecting America for decades--since the end of the Reagan Administration!



This video shows Jump Warp Drive being used to evade incoming missiles or lasers!


     I forgot to mention that the TR3-B is nuclear powered.  And, yes, it can leave the Earth's atmosphere and go . . . just about anywhere!  But they forgot to put a sleeper room and kitchen onboard.  Hell, I flew an SR-71 B in 1977 that had a sleeper room and kitchen!  Come on Engineers imagine that you are in a TR3-B and checking out a distant Galaxy!  Yes, I know it can return to Earth in a couple of seconds but what if there's a 'problem' of some kind?  Remember, ZERO DEFECTS!  Sleeping in an acceleration couch with no food or water isn't too swift!


     And finally, Engineers, remember it's been around since the late 1980's.  Isn't it time to upgrade the TR3-B?  You know, making it a hundred times bigger so us Humans can begin Colonization.  Earth needs 'million people sized colonies' in each of the Trillion or so Galaxies up there.  And, we can do trade with them using Gravtronics, Fusion Power, and Galactic Warp Jumps!  Yes, we could get lamb chops to our Colonies faster than New Zealand can get them to San Diego--not to mention Earth TV and Radio via Teleportation Stations.

     I'm getting old (73 years old) and you millenials need to get going!  You can't sit on your honkers in those old TR3-B's that have been around since the end of the Reagan Administration!  We need faster and better!  And, they should be sporting Quantum Computers so we will know our future timelines instantly!  In battle it's nice to know in advance whether or not it's going to be a win!  Then you can change strategies to make sure you win.  Never leave anything to . . . chance!




     And here is the Ensign that had 'all those conversations' with President Reagan and Vice President Bush!



Added Bonus!


This Presentation/Disclosure was made in 1998.



For those graduating from High School and College!


The SPACE FORCE is Real!  We have 'ships' up there as I write this!




President Trump is forward looking!  He knows how important Space is!