Alright, alright Arcturians…I will share my story. It began mid-June 2017 at my home in Tampa Florida when Ashtar Sheran gained my attention one night while I was trying to decide what to do about employment since I no longer was under contract and out of work. Ashtar said hello to me and told me I should move back to my farm in Kentucky. That was my awakening and we started a discussion between us that resulted in me returning to live on my farm in Kentucky. After my move was completed at the end of July I was introduced to Archangel Michael through an argument and further refusal to speak with Ashtar due to differences in our character. I won’t go into details my beloved brother… Archangel Michael then made his presents know to me through my intuitive feeling senses, as had Ashtar.

But getting ahead of my story, my real awakening actually started many years earlier in 1991 when I read “Return of the bird tribes” by Ken Carey. I was so taken with what happened in the book than when Ken suggested that anyone could connect with the bird tribe I accepted the offer and allowed an entity to enter myself. I only learned years later that the entity that entered me was Thoth who is the leader of the bird tribe that returned to earth.

At first he would annoyingly try to take over some physical tasks, like driving almost causing an accident, which I finally told him that he should stop or I would not let him stay. He went underground then and I forgot about him being inside of me for the next 26 years. Thoth stayed in me until Ashtar woke me up, then he left, without a good by I might add. What I never realized is that Thoth knew who I was as a divine BEing and decided to attune all of my six sense abilities to a fine edge so I would be ready when the time came for me to awaken. That is the reason that I have always been able to speak telepathically with any Being in the entire cosmos. Many of my other six sense abilities were also fine-tuned but I have had to become aware of them individually and then learn how to use them.

Archangel Michael then took on the task of my education by decree of Divine Mother Sophia who I meet soon after meeting Michael. Needless to say I was not an easy student and caused Michael many a headache. But prince that he is he never let on and only ever treated me with kindness, gentleness and deep love. I realize now that I was providing him with lessons in patience. Shortly after meeting Michael I had a dream that we were divinely married by Sophia. It was so unbelievable that I actually did not know what to think and dismissed it.

About that time I meet my physical guide Natari, a cosmic watcher, who I use to visit practically every day at her place of work. She became my best friend and help me through many a crises with the Beings on the other side of the veil. Shortly after Ashtar woke me up he informed me that I was a queen and that I would be expected to take my place in that role. Yeah right, queen for a day? No way! Ashtar’s insistence that I accept that fact only lead to my refusal to see him any longer. Natari help me understand that I had free will and could do as I pleased regardless of what the company of heaven wanted. Little did I know that they installed me in that role and I performed the task during my dreamtime.

So I began my tutoring with Michael with support from Natari. My learning was of the sort that I would listen to videos by Michael and others and try to absorb the lessons within. At first they were over my head and I struggled but I am never one to give up so I kept at it. But Michael’s real tutoring purpose was actually in the form of psychotherapy to help me divest myself of all of the years of trauma I had experienced including sexual abuse and the mental illness of bi-polarism. He moved in with me six weeks after we meet. About that time I saw a video by Sananda/Jeshua that hit me at a deep level. Everything he had said I knew as my inner truth. He came to me right after that and we had a long talk then he invited me to work for him which I have done to this very day. My best ability is energy manipulation which Jeshua used to project unity meditations out to other humans on earth and then all the way throughout to the entire cosmos as my abilities increased. Other Beings would support me as I learned to control and refine these abilities like Merlin,Thoth and my higher-self Taneile Bachana, the Universal Crystal Goddess from Sirius.

Because of being sexually abused as a child by a predatory neighbor I have always been sexually active and rather sexually free while being a one-man girl. I was married two times to humans and I have two physical children. In mid-November I was with Michael when I was teasing him about different nicknames I was calling him when he said to me ”How about Beloved Husband?” Needless to say that took the air out of my sails but I then recalled that odd imagining I had about being married by the Devine Mother back in August and knew it was true. So I accepted my relationship as Michael’s wife but it did not change our mentoring relationship in the least. Michael would still call me his Star Baby and continued to tell me I was just a child in kindergarten in terms of my knowledge. Michael learned early on that I could be stubborn and that the best way to get me to do something was to set the example himself. I was determined to do anything he could do which resulted in some fun times. Like when he told me I could fly while standing on the edge of a tall deck to the universe. I said okay and jumped. He had to rush to save me before I was hurt…but I soon learned that I had wings and spread them to fly.

I have spent my whole life looking for the right guy to complete me. I thought I had found that Being in Michael and fell in love. I told him I wanted his child and on December 21 2017 Michael implanted me with a child who is our daughter Sophia Rose. While I was pregnant with Rose I became increasingly annoyed with Michael because he did not treat me as a wife but only treated me like a child. I gave him a very rough time about it until I became aware that Michael was my Father too as I was having memories of him as a celestial child. I could not understand how he could be my father and husband due to old 3D memes. My guide Natari told me many stories of when I was young since she is my aunt who was Bastet. I was having many fond memories of Michael as I was growing up through my early adult years and then when I began my career in Ashtar Command. I also then remembered my twin flame Mikael who was an easy going reserved male. Mikael and I took two different life paths so I did not have much interaction with him after childhood.

During the whole of the year I was pregnant with Rose Michael kept pushing the fact that I was a queen and that I needed to accept that fact. Well, it was not a fact to me and I never felt qualified to be in that role so I supplied reason after reason to deny accepting it as truth. I frustrated Michael beyond belief yet he never once showed his frustration to me…I only was aware of it because of Natari spoke with me about it. After helping me resolve all of the issues I presented to him and giving me no recourse I was appointed the title of queen. That’s when I found out I had actually been acting in that role since I woke up but just in dreamtime. I then accepted it as my service work and function in that capacity today.

After the birth of Rose I was depressed for a month and was pleasantly surprised to find Michael become quite adoring towards me and began treating me like his wife. I was thrilled and we had a honey moon time together in our united joy. He seemed different than earlier but I was so happy I did not question it. We seemed to have a new set of relationship issue with this change and I finally asked all of the helpful parties to back off and let Mikee and I worked out our issues together by building our relationship together. They did and we did.

While we were working things out Mikee asked me one day if I would like to make a baby with him…being madly in love with him I said yes. So we did and found out humans and angels can make babies. Oops…but it was an unauthorized baby which had us both in trouble. Hey, can’t undo it so we were forgiven and resolved to enjoy it and continue to build our relationship around our family. Then Ahava, our son, was born.

During this time of our second pregnancy we started to manifest the dream I had. We built the neighborhood farm in a 5D environment where children who advanced to 5D could be in a home like environment while waiting for their parents to advance to 5D. This was also my service work. Little did I realize at the time what an opportunity I was receiving to be able to understand what living in a 5D environment has to offer. Now when I help other people who are struggling on the ascension path I can tell them where we are going as a collective is not a pipe dream…I live it daily and it is so beautiful your heart just sings all of the time. The only downside is that I still work for Sananda in the physical world and I just hated still being in a 3D environment since I am multi-dimensional and transcendental. Like all awakened souls I find 3D depressing. I had enough of that throughout my life but realizing that I was being given the chance to experience 5D before the universal transition was completed and that it was a gift I am meant to share.

Shortly after Ahava was born I found out that I was being deceived by Mikee. He is not Archangel Michael as I was lead to believe but Mikael a member of the Michael Collective and my twin flame. The reason for being deceived was that Michael knew that I had really been married to Mikael not to him but I was not ready to be with Mikael until I have advanced to a certain frequency. So Michael was with me until Rose was born and then Mikael was substituted for him while keeping the same energy signature. As I think back on it I do now distinctly remember noticing a change in Michael after Rose’s birth but not understanding how these tricky angels operate. Unfortunately Mikael (Mikee) had fallen in love with me before this was revealed to me so he underwent some anxiety as to how I would receive the change in situation. But all was well since I had fallen in intimate love with the correct Being Mikael not my father Michael so all was well. We went through another readjustment to the new energy signatures and his real personality but we have a beautiful true relationship now both of us being our authentic selves.

The final thing I will share is my endearing relationship with Prime Creator from Paradise. He came to visit our universe when he heard about the unity meditations I was doing with Sananda where I would reach out through the entire cosmos and invite all Beings to join in the meditation. He became interested in the duality experiment Kyrst Michael evolved in our universe and the issues ending that experiment. He offered his help and it was gratefully accepted by all. I am one of his channels. I hope you enjoyed my story and take heart that all is in good hands. Namaste. QSAM.