licheng Flat Screen Printer Factory  Hot Air Stenter can increase product production speed and automation, and reduce labor. Traditional screen printing needs to be recognized and judged by the eyes of professionals, and it can be judged whether it conforms to the standard by comparing the template and related measurement tools. The speed is slow and the error is large, which affects the uniformity of the quality standard. Hot Air Stenter has been continuously developed from digital program control, operability, automatic feeding, transmission, pre-press, post-press and other programs to ensure accurate work, convenient and quick conversion, and even complete customer customization. In addition, Hot Air Stenter can complete the development of a rotary screen printing machine that saves a certain step of the process, and develops a more efficient screen printing machine, so that many parameters such as squeegee pressure, speed, and angle can be read immediately and can be programmed. , When printing reverse copies, the output can be repeated according to the procedure, and the entire process from pre-press preparation to printing can ensure accurate use of production data. Hot Air Stenter can be used for all kinds of plastics, cosmetics, packaging boxes, metal plates, scale plates, acrylic, plexiglass, electronic products, household goods, stickers, leather transfer paper. Various types of cups, barrels, glass, baseball bats, wood boards, etc. It can also be printed on flat and curved objects, whether it is a simple block-color picture, a full-color picture or a picture with excessive color, it can be printed at one time, without the need for plate making, printing and repeated color registration, for the most beautiful and high-quality Efficient printing. The automatic printing effect is more beautiful than the manual printing effect, with strong three-dimensional effect, higher precision, and more stable quality. Because of the fast printing speed, it is not easy to block the network, the product has less contact with the ambient air, and it is not easy to get dust, and the printing quality is better!