Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are, today, no longer science fiction.  When I nuked Elenin to prevent the Comet from destroying Earth I was attacked by flying saucers.  I used DEW to take them out.  The blips on my Tactical Screen disappeared immediately when I hit the red button on my stick.  It was instant destruction of Alien technology vehices.  [Note:  My rotary launcher was automatically firing at Elenin.  I had to rely on DEW.]

     America has effective laser weaponry!  It's time to deploy it.  Lasers have inexhaustible destruct capability.  As long as electricity is provided they can pump out beam after beam of extreme energy.

     We now have the UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE and America has 'Star Wars' capability.  It isn't that Alien War might happen.  The bottom 1% of Aliens are going to attack full strength soon!  They always do when planets like Earth are about to . . . spawn!  Be prepared!