The plan to create a New World Order, or One World Government, a totalitarian state, a global dictatorship without national identities  is implemented through a complex web of organizations worldwide.


There are about ten main organizations, they are connected to dozens of regional institutions, which in turn are tied into hundreds of think tanks, non-governmental organizations and foundations.


Camouflaged under the banner of philanthropy, they present themselves to the public as humanitarian, or research institutions. As such, they are tax exempt and receive little publicity or oversight.


Most of their members are lead to believe that they are involved in humanitarian causes, help working on solutions for the world’s problems, but only the innermost circle, powerful bankers, politicians, academics, royal family members, know their true purpose.


As implied by George W Bush in his speeches on September 11th 1990 and also on September 11th 1991:   (note the date in each case)


–  “Out of these troubled times, our objective, a new world order can emerge”….”It’s being worked on by a thousand points of light”......Full Article:  Time For Truth Blog