Hello world. The following was written 8/12/2016.

Man my head is swimming in molasses as these voices keep jabbering on and on about time, judgments, limitations and beliefs. They are showing me visions and memories of things I have experienced. They are sharing where I was and where I am at. They are showing me where my brothers are on their journeys to healing and understanding who they are and were meant to be…

I was asked by Spirit, "Why it is my "Species" clings to these fairy tales and lies? Why do you not question that which you are taught to believe? Why do you doubt yourselves and that which you experience to be? Why do you deny what you are experiencing or have experienced? Why do you refuse to question that which you have chosen to believe in? Why are you judging yourselves, your brothers and Holy Spirit the Truth Spirit would share with you? Why do you choose to experience the darkness instead of the Light?"

No wonder Holy Spirit is saying the peanut gallery is at it again… killing themselves with their judgments. You judge Him when all He does is show you the Truth of your own choices and decisions to judge yourself every time you judge your brother. When you love yourself you will be able to love another and accept Holy Spirit's love for you. Truth does not hurt. It simply is what it is. It is YOUR judgments that make everything hurt. Nothing more and nothing less.

Spirit speaks, "Be not envious of your brother and what they can do. Be not jealous that they seem to have more or less than you. Both of those are of the ego's belief in lack. You are equals in everything, your brother and you. Everything they may do, you to can do. All one need do is let go and give up all judgment…"

Being shown a memory… "Went to the store with my Husband to pick up two items. Deodorant and oatmeal were all that was supposed to be gotten. I had asked my Husband to grab the cloth bags out of the back seat of the car. He says, we only need two items, oh wait you are here so we will need them. We go in and we did buy more items. I didn't pick them out though he did.

From the moment he said those words to me I was feeling like a complete burden. All day and all night and even the next morning I felt like nothing more then a burden. The food I eat is more expensive because it is organic. The medicines I use for pain are expensive. Every day I get reminders of how expensive I am. How burdensome I am. All I can say is I am sorry I am alive to be such a burden to everyone I know."

I feel like ripping my hair out… Spirit has had me contemplating my purpose. How He shows me things and gives me understandings as to what is happening in the world and within my brothers. Yet my hands are constantly tied it seems… For I am not allowed to drag my brothers kicking and screaming into the light no matter how much they beg me to. I have to watch them sink more and more into the quick sands in their minds that are of their own making instead.

I have been asking Him, WHY show me this if my brother refuses to hear it?, Why give me vision after vision if they deny me and what I share? The only answer I am getting to all my WHY'S is… "All is for your benefit and your brothers benefit. When they are ready they will accept it. Just share as you are and the Truth will set them free."

Spirit speaks, "When one realizes that the only opinion that truly matters about ones self is ones own opinion then they will stop looking to others for the approval that is not needed. God gave you freedom of choice. No man can take that from you. No man can force their choice or their opinion on another. So why do you continue to do so?

When one is honest with themselves and authentic and honest with everyone else, judgments will no longer be given nor accepted… Peace will be the result. When one no longer judges or accepts the judgments of others they find peace within them and project that peace out on all who's path they may cross. Everything we experience is for our benefit and the worlds benefit. It is our judgments that cloud this truth from us.

Even vitriolic dialogue is of benefit. It brings to the surface that of which has been kept hidden from ones self and the world. It allows the light to finally shine on and heal those secret burdens hidden from all eyes. Even our own. Look without fear on that which you have judged and see the Truth of the lies you tell yourself. See finally the veil lifted as the darkness is banished from that which was hidden to never be hidden again. In everything, when you judge you are hurting yourself and no other. For it is inside you that is eaten at and torn apart with pain and suffering as it plays over again and again within YOUR mind and no one else's. In all things you do you do to yourself that which you judge.

Humanity has been trained to believe and perceive themselves to be a witness, a victim of their reality. Humanity fails to understand they manifest what they focus on so create their reality from what they believe is possible to experience and perceive as being a reality for them.

Humanity must step outside the box they have created for themselves if they are to gain the understandings they seek. They are thinking in limitations and by the guidelines taught to them. Start researching the foundations of psychology. In particular indoctrination, coercion and manipulation. Humanity has been indoctrinated to believe as they do and have never questioned it's validity in Truth. Their Free Will is based in the Choices they are making to believe as they do.

Time is not linear. Time is simultaneous. Consider time as a resonance frequency. Change the frequency and you change the time…simple! Time is the frequency marker of an event that carries a maximum emotional energetic trace that can be referenced throughout the energetic material creation comes from.

If you require a visual think of the cells in your body. Each one is a duplicate of the one next to it. Think in fractals. Think in multiple lines or channels branching off that match the first one. Each choice made to go left, right, forward or back creates it's own line. It's own duplicate fractal. All existing simultaneously."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.