Below are pictures of Aliens I believe to be real:



     Possibly one of the bottom 1%.


A helmet reflection photo from Apollo 17.  No life support backpack!  Alien has belly pack and black pants.  Definitely not NASA.


Alien that warned us off the Moon on Apollo 17!


Apollo 17 Alien's eye.  Notice the reflection in the Alien's contact lens.


Mona Lisa from Apollo 20.  This picture was taken after she had tubes removed and had thawed out.  The Apollo 20 Alien Ship was both very cold inside and Mona Lisa's body was in the Ship's vacuum as well.


Another bottom 1%.  Notice the gun!


I believe this picture would be difficult to fake.


I believe this picture to be real.


These two really look like Tall Whites.  They may be the Russian sisters that are said to be half Tall White and half Human.


Aliens that may date to Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940's.  Probably found dead and autopsied.


Special Bonus!