On March 21st 2018, Richard Haass, the president of the C.F.R., the Council of Foreign Relations published an article, titled “Liberal World Order, R.I.P.”


The article is a stunning admission of defeat by the Deep State/Global Elite of its decades long ambition to create a New World Order.


As described in Part 1. and 2., of the N.W.O. article series, the C.F.R., along with the Trilateral Commission and other organizations are running the country, they are the Shadow Government.


New World Order, Part 1. Current Events

New World Order, Part 2. The Network of N.W.O. Organizations


Mr. Haass presents his case in the usual double-speak, aka Newsspeak.

These terms describe a manner of speech, in which the language used is designed to deliberately misinform the listener, to conceal and to distort the truth, in order to serve a political purpose.


Quotes from the article, followed by my comments:


“The United States, working closely with the United Kingdom, established liberal world order in the wake of WWII…..The democratic countries set out to create an international system, that was liberal in the sense that it was to be based on the rule of law and respect for countries sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


The exact opposite took place. The Global Elite has used the US military-industrial complex to achieve global domination by force.


While the public was spoon fed lies by the media in the past 70 years, the CIA was at work to undermine sovereign countries, assassinated foreign leaders and installed US friendly puppet governments.


An estimated 20-30 Million people have died across the globe, as a result of the death and destruction, brought on by the psychopath of the Deep State.


Read details of just how “countries sovereignty and territorial integrity” was respected and how “rule of law” was applied globally here:  R[us]sian Aggression

“Parties of the political extremes have gained ground in Europe. The vote in the United Kingdom in favor of leaving the EU attested to the loss of elite influence.”


The people are finally realizing the Elite don’t care about them and foreign policy is created to only benefit the Elite. Full Article......Time for Truth Blog