As it happened in 2018, once again there are reports of laser strikes in areas of California, affected by fires. I wrote this post after the 2018 fire season, exposing  the covert attack on the Golden State.


With each passing year, California wildfires are becoming more and more destructive. In the 2017 fire season, a total of 9133 fires were burning, destroying 1.4 Million acres of land.


In the “Tubbs” fire in October 2017 in Napa/Sonoma Counties in Northern California, there were 22 fatalities and 5700 structures burned to the ground, decimating large parts of the city of Santa Rosa.


During the 2018 fire season, the “Carr” fire alone burned 460 000 acres of land and took nearly two months to be contained, while the “Camp” fire in November 2018 – the most destructive wildfire in California’s history to date – caused the death of 85 civilians and destroyed nearly 20 000 structures, the entire city of Paradise.


The increasing number and ferocity of wildfires are blamed on climate change. The US government just released a new report, called “Fourth National Climate Assessment”, predicting the effects of global warming on the environment, the economy and health.


Climate change induced higher average temperatures, along with millions of dead trees in the forests, killed by years of drought seems like the logical explanation for the devastating fires and other natural disasters.



But there a number of anomalies, unusual things about these fires, that raise questions. 


In many areas, homes are burned to the ground, but the surrounding vegetation is unharmed. Doesn’t “wildfire” mean that the fire spreads from burning trees, or brush to the houses?



In a typical house fire, the charred remains of the home are often seen and there is lots of rubble:



But in the California fires, in many of the neighborhoods everything disappeared, pulverized, there is nothing, but white ash left behind. 


The average temperatures in a typical house fire are about 1100 Fahrenheit. The melting point of steel is almost 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.


Therefore, anything made of steel, like appliances, barbecue grills, although damaged, but they would be there. Same goes for other items, like....Full Article.....Time For Truth Blog