Copper powder is a thing formed by grinding copper into powder. There are many varieties, such as: atomized copper powder, electrolytic copper, Cupric Oxide Powder, 663 bronze powder. And because the copper powder is in powder form, the overall area in contact with the air will be wider. If it is stored in an unsealed way, it will be very susceptible to oxidation.

   and other copper powder uses: widely used in powder metallurgy products, friction materials, conductive inks, electrical carbon products, chemical contacts, diamond products, electrical alloys and other industries. The quasi-spherical and spherical copper powder has a high bulk density. It is widely used in injection molding, welding materials, electronic materials and other industries.

   Atomized copper powder: It is light rose red irregular powder, produced by atomization method. Widely used in diamond tools, powder metallurgy parts, chemical catalysts, carbon brushes, friction materials and welding electrodes.

  Electrolytic copper powder: Red copper powder and pure copper powder are light rose red dendritic powders, which are easily oxidized in humid air and can be dissolved in hot sulfuric acid or nitric acid. It is widely used in diamond tools, electric carbon products, friction materials, conductive inks and other powder metallurgy products.

   Cupric Oxide Powder: powder of copper oxide. The particle size of 00 means that the particle size is 100 mesh.

   663 bronze powder: a cyan spherical powder. Sn5~7%Zn5~7%Pb2~4%Cu balance. It is widely used in powder metallurgy oil bearing and diamond tools. Brass powder: golden yellow irregular shape. Bearing material, diamond products, powder metallurgy products.