Stepping back into your home, you want to ensure that you can step through the door into your safe haven. This area should be where you go to escape from the pressures of the world and relax; however, not all homes are set up for this type of restful and restorative atmosphere. If your home causes you more of a taxing vibe than a calming one, here are a few steps that you can implement to create a more welcoming and peaceful living experience.

Assess Your Fabric Choice

If you walk into your home and you lack a calming presence, your fabric choice could be one of your problem areas. Fabrics that are more formal and less inviting like leather, satins and upholstery materials may be providing more structure and a sense of coldness within your space. In comparison to this, fleece fabric and linen offer a softer alternative and when introduced as another element in the home can add a welcoming essence to your home.

Replace Your Lighting

Your lighting may be another aspect of your home that requires some attention. If you find that your lighting airs on the cooler, bluish side, you may want to replace the cooler hues with a light that casts a warmer tone. In an ideal world, you can harness natural lighting as your main source of lighting, but if your options are limited, aim for warmer tones over cooler ones.

Opt for Warmer Tones

Your home’s color palette may also be another culprit. If your home is washed over with all cool tones, this will cast a colder and potentially even uninviting ambiance. Cool tones like a bluish-grey, cool blues, stark whites and jet blacks can leave a harsh feeling that feels more trendy than pleasant and peaceful. While your entire home does not need to be enveloped in warm tones, opting for warmer tones as an overall influence within your home can leave you with a more alluring living experience.

Reduce Your Clutter

Even if you have the most optimal choices for color, décor and lighting, one of the biggest distractions from creating a peaceful home is clutter. Not only is it unsightly, but it also distracts from the overall design and flow of the space. Piles of junk can give a home a stressful, distracting and even unwelcoming quality. Don’t let your junk get in the way of an aesthetically appealing living experience and instead, get organized.

Start at Your Entrance

While many homeowners look to combat their most trafficked rooms like kitchens and living rooms, the atmosphere within your home starts at the entrance. Whether you have a front entryway or a mudroom that serves as the entrance, this space should set the tone for the rest of your home. Everything from clutter to signage and color choice can influence the feel of this area, so don’t forget to include this space as you make improvements.

Address all of Your Senses

Many times, you are aware of your sense of sight and touch when it comes to establishing a truly welcome space; however, it is critical that you not forget your nose. Your sense of smell is one that can a significant impact on your home and you may not even know it. If you are concerned about nose blindness or smells that you may be unaware of in your home, make sure to consistently clean, open windows and light candles or other scents to combat this.

Don’t Forget Your Outdoors

Your outdoor space has sizable potential to improve your home’s atmosphere and influence its peacefulness and calm. You can create a welcome space outdoors where your loved ones can commune together, enjoy each other’s company and truly unwind. Whether you use lighting, gardens, water or lighting, you can establish an oasis that all can enjoy in your home, bringing your calm, peace and inviting vibe outside.

You can create a truly cohesive and comprehensive calming experience if you address these areas of your home. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create the space you always needed and deserved.