Lights in Outer Space, lights in Craters on the Moon, Earth sized ships sailing around the Sun, it's all . . . Aliens!  And, that was me in an Aurora that buzzed the Space Shuttle.  The Aurora is black and wedge shaped!


     And does Mars have life?  Yes.  Mars even has tiny humans all over the place!  And, the big German humans are there too!


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Astronaut Leroy Chao's spacewalk is interrupted by bright lights flying past. A flying saucer photographed from the Apollo capsule, dark shapes caught on camera shadowing the shuttle...the ideas are science fiction, but the incidents are science fact.


Water on Apollo 15.  It dried up quickly in the Sun.


Alien Spaceship photograph taken on Apollo 20.


No backpack with necessary life support equipment.  And, black pants.  Not NASA!  Seen and photographed on Apollo 17.


Alien corpse found on Apollo 20.  I called her 'Moon Girl' and Rutledge proclaimed 'Mona Lisa'!


The cat photographed on Apollo 17.  Impossible?  Remember the Alien Gray didn't wear a helmet!


Alien Building photographed on Apollo 17!


Eye of the Gray Alien, not wearing a helmet, on Apollo 17.


Blow up and cropped picture taken by a NASA Mars Rover.


Face carved into Martian Rock.  Photographed by NASA.


Mars Gorilla made the News!  Here is the picture taken by Spirit Rover.


These aren't actors in Hollywood.  Picture taken by NASA Rover on Mars (blown up and cropped).