Few know more about Howard Hughes than I do.  In June/July of 1965 I spent 3 weeks living with Howard and Jean Peters at their family residence in Houston, Texas.  --JON HAROLD LAVINE.



     This is the house in Houston where I lived with Howard and Jean.



     Howard ate one meal a day, dinner, and Jean would prepare mashed potato with barbequed chicken.  Usually there would be peas and milk served as well.  I sat to Howard's right and Jean sat on his left.  Howard would say grace and eat and talk for an hour or so.  Howard was Catholic.

     Howard always addressed Jean as 'Elizabeth' which is Jean's true name.  'Jean' was Elizabeth's middle name and used as her stage name:  Jean Peters.

     Howard wanted me--about to turn 18--to join Summa Corp.  But I had already joined the Air Force.  Howard thought he could get me out of joining but I knew there would be considerable legal ramifications, expecially if I didn't show for my physical in Jacksonville as ordered.  So I went into the Air Force.

     Never really certain of my blood line I took several DNA tests.  They show Gano, Wertz, and LaVine blood lines.  But as Jean Peter's pointed out:  I was the spiting image of her father!  I grew up with the LaVine's in Burlington, Vermont which was Howard's favorite hide out.  Veronica Lake, a movie star, lived there.  And, Howard was of French lineage and Burlington was predominately a Catholic French City.  The Navy told me I had triple helix DNA.  --I'm still trying to figure it out.  Maybe it was Quaddruple Helix!

     Linda Moulton Howe said I was born to a wealthy Texas family.  There were two babies.  One born to Harold and Mary LaVine in Burlington, Vermont.  And, the other born to Jean Peters and Howard in Culver City Hospital in California.  I have heard that the LaVine baby died of RH factor, negative and positive immune reaction.  Howard's baby was sent from Culver City Hospital to Burlington, Vermont to replace the LaVine baby because Mary LaVine had attempted suicide when she learned of the death.

     To this day I'm not fully sure of what happened!  All I know is that I loved Howard Hughes and Harold LaVine as my two fathers!  And, maybe I had two mothers too.  But I can't figure out how!  But I love both of them too!


Allene Stone Gano, Howard's mother.


Elisabeth Jean Peters.


Howard Hughes loved aviation!


A picture of Harold and Mary LaVine.


The LaVine family circa 1951.  I'm on Mary LaVine's lap!  On the right is my brother:  Bob LaVine.  We were at our summer cottage on Lake Champlain.


Added Bonus!





Yes, Howard Hughes lived on beyond 1976!  I know because Howard Hughes visited me in 2001.  He died shortly afterward.  Soon after that Eva visited me.