Hot Air Stenter Machine is composed of heating device, working room, sock rack and rotating device. The sock frame of this Hot Air Stenter Machine can be rotated under the drive of the rotating device, which avoids the problem that high-temperature medium gas is always sprayed on the same sock of the sock frame when the air outlet is fixed, and solves the problem of the temperature in the studio. The uneven heating of the product caused by uniformity effectively improves the uniformity of the product after it is shaped and dried. At the same time, licheng Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory has a simple structure and convenient processing, which can make socks and other textiles uniformly dried and meet the strict quality requirements for products.

  1. Main functions and features of Hot Air Stenter Machine
  2. It is suitable for processing short, middle and long thin high-elastic nylon stockings, heeled or non-heeled pantyhose, nylon socks, cotton and nylon socks of similar quality.
  3. Equipped with high-end vacuum system and condensation system, advanced special technology.
  4. The size of the equipment can be customized according to customer requirements to reduce steam consumption
  5. Security. Compared with high-pressure boilers, there is no safety hazard
  6. Beautiful. Pure stainless steel appearance design.
  7. Energy saving. According to the actual operation, the machine can be turned on and off at any time to save energy and avoid waste.
  8. Effective. It integrates the functions of steam spraying, high temperature setting and dehydration and drying.
  9. Hot Air Stenter Machine technical parameters
    1. Technical parameters: working temperature is less than 130 degrees.
  10. The vacuum degree is less than 0.07Mpa.
  11. Working pressure is 0.09Mpa.
    Hot Air Stenter Machine, how is the status quo of Hot Air Stenter Machine expanded?
    The automatic socks removal device of the sock steam setting machine solves the technical problems of the existing sock steam setting machine requiring manual collection of socks and low efficiency. The automatic sock removing device of the steam sock setting machine includes a frame and a transmission chain. The transmission chain is fixed with a sock cover plate. The automatic sock removal device is set on the frame and is located on the side of the transmission chain and includes several lifting plates. And the controller, the lifting plate is located between the transmission chain, the cylinder is arranged between the lifting plate and the frame, the cylinder of the cylinder is fixed on the frame, the sock cover is located between the lifting plates, the lifting plate on the side of the sock cover There is a stocking off arm 1 fixed on the upper part. One side of the stocking off arm 1 is attached to the sock cover plate. The lifting plate on the other side of the sock cover plate is provided with a stocking removal arm 2. A backing plate is fixed, and one side of the second socks removing arm is attached to the sock cover plate.