While I haven't been on a 20 and back, or Super Soldier, program, I have been close enough to it to verify the following video with Randy Cramer.

     My body was modified for my program and I went to Mars in 1972 to test Jump Warp Drive and Teleportation.  I wasn't, however, at a Mars Colony.  I teleported to a cave on the side of a crater.  There was a much larger cave on the opposite end of the crater where flying saucers entered and departed.  Note:  the Warp Drive and Teleportation worked.  While I was teleported back to the orbiting vehicle without incident a later teleportation back to NASA here on Earth from Mars orbit was a narrow escape from death!  A NASA engineer described it like a difficult attempt at teleportation on a Star Trek episode!

     That we may have had a Mars Colony in the mid 1970's is entirely possible.

     Believe it or not my, the Secret Astronaut Jon Harold LaVine, age is really 173!  I have been back and forth in time at least twice.  I know this is hard to believe but American Technology is far beyond what you think it is.  Some Aliens now regard America as an Alien Power like them!

     And like so many Super Soldiers I'm still waiting for my paycheck.  I'm owed 85 million dollars by the U.S. Government.  They were going to do a much lesser settlement, then they reniged on that!  To the U.S. Government:  YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR PEOPLE!  The reason my paycheck was going to be so high was that I was forced to give up a huge family fortune.  And, I was also at a high rank level.


And, thankyou Mr. John Butterworth for this fine video!  And a 'thankyou' to Mr. Randy Cramer as well!


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