Hello World. The following was written 09/13/2016. 

At the time, news reports were coming in that marijuana growers here in California were using toxic chemical on their plants poisoning the ground water and areas they were growing in. Needless to say it was very obvious what our government here in this state was trying to do.

I have been coming across articles stating the following, "Illegal pot farms now creating environmental DISASTER with massive runoff of banned pesticides"

I am sorry but this is all BS. Growers know that people do not want chemicals on their product and will not buy what they grow because of it. I guarantee you that this poisoning is being done by the government and no one else. I also guarantee you that the government is trying to make a play for control here. They are going to try and take away peoples right to grow their own medications and foods. They already made it illegal to capture and store rain water or to be an "island".

Think on this… Our water supply is drugged and poisoned. We are not allowed to save or store water as an alternative. Most foods sold in stores are filled with chemical additives or are gmo based. They are pushing people to go smaller and live in tighter quarters with less freedoms. Think on this hard and fast. You are living in a city in an apartment block with a thousand other people. The only place you are allowed to buy food is the local store in YOUR building. The only water source you have is supplied by the government.

Folks what I just painted for you is a concentration camp. You all are willingly walking into, buying into the governments form of a modern concentration camp. Consider that one a while as you look at the things happening around the world and how your rights are being stripped from you.

OPEN YOUR EYES!!! Are you paying attention yet?

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.