Hello world. The following was written 09/13/2019.

My Brothers, what is it that you seek here? Is it a shallow superficial response that does no more than stoke an ego mind? Or do you seek a deeper connection of joining on a spiritual level of mind, heart and soul? What is it that you are seeking? Do you know?

In the first few lessons of ACIM I found myself hearing the directions being given by the teacher and another set of directions being given beyond what the "teacher" was implying it's meaning was. I found myself listening to and following that other voice within me and not the teacher in front of me.

As was directed I began to look within at my own thoughts and beliefs. The language used for me at the time was that Holy Spirit would use His Light and shine it before me. As He would shine His Light into all the nooks and crannies along the pathways that are the labyrinth of my mind, He will guide me back to the Center to my beginnings and where the One infinite Creator awaits me and my coming home to the Truth of who I am and am meant to be.

I asked myself, "What is it I am seeking here? What do I really want to know and understand? Who am I? What have I experienced all the things that I have? Why did they do the things they did to me? I want to know and understand the Truth! I want the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth! I am tired of being lied to, used, abused and manipulated. I want to be free of my pain and misery fully and make it so no one can ever cause me to experience this pain and suffering ever again. I want the Truth!". I began to understand I had to willingly retrace my steps to where I first began to step away from the Truth and had accepted the lies as being my reality.

It took me almost a year to figure out for myself that what I was being shown was the absolute Truth. That I had to let go of the belief that these "teachers" knew better than the guidance I was being given within me. I had to let go of the belief that something written in a book or said in a video was the absolute Truth. I had to learn to start questioning everything I had been taught to think, believe and perceive, to see where I made my own choices to believe. Once I could see it I could let it go and heal it completely. I had to willingly see it first.

Once I accepted the Truth that I had been trained to blindly follow, accept and believe whatever an authority figure was telling me without questioning, I began to question every single experience I had and what it was I had chosen to judge them all as being. Every rape, molestation, beating, exorcism, caning, mental and emotional abuse I looked at and questioned what I believed. I accepted and came to understand how every broken bone, disease, trial, trauma and tribulation was exactly what was needed for me to understand who I am and grow Spiritually on my journey.

At that point I learned to Stand in my Light of Truth no matter what it was anyone was telling me. As I accepted these Truths I was healed on all levels. That was the proof for me that I was on the right path. When I healed all disease and could forgive and love those who had hurt me, I knew it was Truth. When I could see how every experience was of benefit to me I could see it was TRUTH. I understood fully that I was being shown and taught the Truth above and beyond all else. I was receiving what I asked for. Little did I know I was asking to be given back my Sovereignty.

I found myself writing to Laura Boone. She is an astrologer and a psychic medium with The Lighter Side Network. I asked her if she could explain to me the fear that is experienced whenever I would try to get a reading done. The fear was not my own but the ones doing the reading. She told me that my chart shows a lot of darkness and abuses that I will or have experienced and will heal. That I have a strength of will that will not accept anyone's authority over me in any way.

Her explanation helped me to understand how the information they were to relate to me causes them to feel guilt, shame, blame and fear. They feel responsible for what the chart is stating. That if they tell me they will make those things happen to me. I am told they are trying to take responsibility for my path and journey because they would be the one to tell me of it.

I understood immediately what was happening and why I was always being blocked from getting these "readings". My journey required me to turn inward for everything and not seek anything from out there in the world. I was and have been being taught Self Reliance.

If and when I would try to get a reading all connections would be severed by them and money refunded… I stopped trying because the results were always the same.

Thank you brother! You have just helped me fill in the blank. I have been being shown where the first distortion came into play to take us from Free Will Sovereign Beings to slaves. I had been asking if there were any points I may have over looked in regards fear and how to reverse it. This conversation brought into the Light the aspect of one taking on another's experiences as their own was what I was not seeing at that time. I now understand fully how to reverse that which has been done to Humanity unknowingly.

Psalm 91:13 holds a particular meaning for me. It refers to the Gods once worshiped throughout the lands. They were the "Alien Gods" known as the Northern Gods with white skin and hair. The others where the Reptilian Gods who resembled snakes. Both were known of and worshiped in ancient times. Many of the Indigenous Tribes speak of them in and throughout their histories. The oldest Tribe known of here in America would be the Hopi. Their histories are verbal and passed down from generation to generation exactly as they were first taught to them. There is no twisting of the meanings for multiple elders are teaching and sharing the story at the same time. Each have a part they speak.

Psalm 91:13 speaks of the lion and the snake or dragon. Of how when one chooses to Stand in the Light of the One Infinite Creator nothing may touch them. They will cast out the lion and the dragon so Humanity will once again have free will to choose what resonates for them. Until now we have been made slaves through ignorance. As Humanity awakens to these Truths of what has been done to them the lion and the dragon lose their hold more and more. Humanity is beginning to seek the Light of Truth. As more and more do so the lion and dragon become trampled under the feet of the masses who walk over them and through the door to their freedom. Never again will they be able to be controlled or manipulated. They will now stand truly in the Light of their Truth no matter what is happening to them or around them.

What is it that you seek here? Is it a shallow superficial response that does no more than stoke an ego mind? Or do you seek a deeper connection of joining on a spiritual level of mind, heart and soul? What is it that you are seeking? Do you know?

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.