Give up your guns?  Disarm the Police?  Shrink the U.S. Military?  Disolve America into a World Government?  

     If this sounds like Communism you're right!

     Under COMMUNISM the End justifies the Means.  If the 'End' means you and your family are . . . exterminated . . .then the Death Squads will appear!

     Under Marxism anyone aged 50 or older is considered unretrainable.  They are to be killed! 

In South Vietnam, during the TET Offensive when Nha Trang was held by the North Vietnamese Army (Communists) everyone aged 50 and older were lined up on the main street in the city.  They were forced to dig a miles long trench in the center with their families watching.  Then they were forced to kneel down and NVA soldiers shot them in the back of the head.  They fell into the trench.  Then the families were ordered, on pain of death, to fill in the trench!  [This is real folks!  I was there in 1968.]

    Do you want Marxism?  That's what this 'World Government' is.




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