Hello world. The following was written 09/15/2016. 

I was contemplating the situation that had occurred the day before where I had been removed from a group and told I was not allowed to share as my brothers were being allowed to share within that group. I was being singled out by an admin because they did not agree with the perspectives I was being shown on my own journey to healing. What they were wanting was blind acceptance and belief in what they were dictating everything should be….

"So I spent the day yesterday contemplating what happened. That contemplation carried over to today with an understanding of what was nagging me about it all. What has been shown to me is that my "Free Will" was being infringed upon. When I was offered to speak and then that choice was immediately taken away, my Free Will to choose was removed. I was no longer being allowed to choose what I wanted to do in regards the situation that was unfolding. The choice to conform to their dictates, ignore them, or join in was dangled like a carrot by X Lyn Johnson and then yanked away. What was being displayed in that moment was her use of "Force" to "Control" and "Manipulate" another to her will. The mask and false facade were ripped away in those moments to reveal the ego mind in the drivers seat of X Lyn Johnson.

I am not able to blindly accept and believe what is being placed before me. On my journey I have learned to question everything. Especially when what I am seeing, hearing, and experiencing does not resonate with me. In these moments I am to question it and ask what it is that is not in alignment within me regarding it. Why it does not resonate. Many times I find that what I am witnessing in those moments are the lies being projected out. Their beliefs in a judgmental lie are being played out for all the world to see.

Yesterday I was faced with confusion as to what had happened and why. In sharing authentically who I am and where I am at on my journey I was being told it was not acceptable and that I needed to stop being who I am and be who and what X Lyn Johnson wanted me to be. If I am to be accepted I must conform and blindly follow and believe as she does. If I am authentic and true to myself in any way I will be found unworthy and banished from her presence. In banishing me from her presence she then effectively blocks anyone else from witnessing my testimony of Truth.

I am beginning to recognize a pattern being played out here on the internet. Many of these groups and organizations have been set up for them to gain followers who will eventually support them financially. They are giving what they think will get them the most money the fastest with the least amount of effort. Egoistic Greed is at play in the background of the groups. They play at the emotional needs of their brothers. Manipulating them into handing over their free will to another for the purpose of being shown "The Way". The only thing they are being shown is how to sell their soul to the highest bidder in order to learn how to gain power over another.

Each being is sovereign unto themselves. Yet many have no understanding of this. They continuously hand away their power without ever questioning why they do so. They blindly follow and believe in the dictates and judgments of those around them as being the absolute Truth and defining who and what they are and or may ever be. X Lyn Johnson is not able to accept herself as she is so she cannot accept her brothers exactly as they are. Especially when their Truth is in opposition to what she is choosing to believe in.

This is what my Guides have shown me the situation from yesterday is really about. The psychological brainwashing that they refuse to look at within their own minds. The choices they have made to blindly follow and believe what was being handed to them by someone else. One must become completely authentic and honest with themselves or they can never do so with anyone outside of them. Until they choose to do so the false facade and masks will barely stay in place. They perch there on the edge waiting for the next trigger to knock it out of place cracking it a bit more each time it falls away."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.