Hello World. The following was written 09/17/2014.

I was contemplating how I was taught to plan ahead and prep for possible disasters that could befall me. Things such as having enough money to survive for months if an emergency happened. To constantly look to some far off possible event as a possible outcome and fear it.

Maybe I will get on the mic today and talk about manifestation. About how we create scenarios in our minds of possible problems to come then try to put things in place in case there is a fallout of some kind. We look for possible problems in our lives and create what we think a solution might be.

Houston we have a problem! By thinking about all these negative possibilities we are trying to tell the Holy Spirit we know better. We create a solution to a problem that doesn't even exist. It isn't until we think up this problem and it's solution that the problem actual becomes real and manifests itself in our reality or lives.

Until I think it up it does not exist for me. So, my question is this… Why would I want to manifest problems and issues in my life? Why do I think I know what is better or right? The honest answer here is I don't know a fucking thing. I was told my head was attached to my shoulders and neck. How do I even know that I do have this body, this head, this mind, this life? I really don't know anything. Everything I know was taught to me by someone else, just as everything was taught to them. It was someone else's thoughts, opinions, judgments and fear that all of us are taught as children.

So, why would I be willing to sit here and think of anything and everything that can go wrong in my life? Then make a contingency plan for every occasion I can think of. Seriously folks… By thinking of and focusing on all that negative bullshit all I am doing is giving it the energy it needs to become manifest in my life. I am giving it the energy it needs to become a real and tangible thing in my life. In doing this I am creating the path to my own destruction of any peace I may want or be trying to obtain.

Just something I have been contemplating. It may be twisted yet it feels like Truth.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.