August of 2011 there was a knock on my door.  Members of the Air Force's Space Command said I had an urgent CIA mission at Patrick Air Force Base.  I had to leave immediately.

     I had flown the TR3-B but what I saw, while wedge shaped, was much larger!  It was so large it dwarfed Patrick's huge runway!  It was one of those planes kept in secret underground bunkers.  It had multiple rotary launchers capable of a huge number of weapons.  And, it wasn't jet propelled like a standard TR3-B.  It had a row of rocket engines in the back!

     Mission Objective:  DESTROY COMET ELENIN!

     I climbed up into it's internal cockpit.  I never liked that Comet anyway!

     Despite assurances that Elenin would only come within 22 million miles of Earth, it was on a collision course!



     I threw the stick forward and was pressed back into my ejection seat.  The blue sky faded into black velvet with bright stars.  The mach meter was spinning into fantasy land!

     Elenin was straight ahead and closing.  My Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) was locked on.  I ordered the giant plane's computer to fire all the 50 megaton nukes cirectly at it.  It asked if I wanted 'automatic fire'.  I touched . . . "Yes" on the touch screen.  I felt each missile as it left it's rotary launcher.  The Space Plane bounced a little each time!

     Elenin was more than a Comet.  It was huge!  A proto-Moon with many large craters.  The first missile hits produced bright flashes of light, then additional hits turned into enormous mushroom clouds.

     Flying Saucers appeared around the edge of Elenin!  Tactical popped up on the screen!  Red circles formed around the 'blips' as tactical locked on.  Message on the tactical screen read:  "Do you want to engage, yes or no?"  I typed 'yes' and the plane's Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) activated!  One after another the 'blips' disappeared!

     Then my rocket engines lost thrust.  Apparently a Saucer had hit my engines with a laser gun.  And, I was heading straight into the burning inferno of . . . Elenin!  I activated the Plane's 'Jump Warp Drive' as the final missile left the launcher.  Time to go home!  I instantly appeared in near Earth orbit.  I had to land without engines so I pointed the nose downward and let gravity increase my speed.

     I was good at glide slopes from my experience in the Aurora Program.  I glided, powerless, into Patrick AFB.

     American Military Industrial Complex engineers had engineered a Space Plane so powerful it could defeat Alien's hell bent on destroying Earth!  I was proud of those Engineers and the Military Industrial Complex that employed them!




     And, now you know how dangerous the bottom 1% of Aliens are and why President Trump wisely decided to create the UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE!





This video shows the enemy Alien Spaceships around Elenin.  Elenin wasn't originally on a collision course with Earth.  But it kept changing trajectory toward Earth.  This was reported by the Russians.