Hello world. The following was written 09/19/2019.

Yesterday we received a knock on our RV door by the county sheriffs department telling us we have to move and cannot stay stationary for more than 8 hours. That they will tag us, write us a ticket, tow our vehicle and arrest us if we do not comply.

We had another visit from that county sheriff today and he brought backup in the form of city police. As they stated their reasoning for what they were doing one of them wrote up a ticket citing it as a criminal offense on the ticket and not a traffic violation or some other infraction. We have to appear in court now on October 31st at 8:30 AM which will also take away from our ability to continue surviving out here. They are literally trying to make us into criminals for parking on public land and refusing to move every 8 hours. How the hell does one get sleep, eat and work to improve their situation if they are constantly being told they have to move and are not allowed to sit still for more than 8 hours? Not to mention that all that moving costs money that we simply do not have at the moment.

Contacted the attorney we have used in the past about this situation. He has no interest for he has no knowledge of this stuff and does not feel we would "win" in court. I pointed out the 9th circuit court of appeals ruling that what these cops, cities and states are doing in unconstitutional. If they want us to move they have to provide us a secure safe place to go where we will no longer be harassed. He admitted he hasn't seen nor read about this so we may have a case but he feels he is inadequate for such.

So we now find ourselves faced with going to court alone here unless we can find someone else who is willing to go to bat for us as we do not have any money. I am praying my heart out right now that Spirit will shine His Light on us and send us the finances and support we need here.

I have literally reached my limits here on what I shall continue to put up with. I am more than ready to literally tear this entire government down and build a new one in its place as the Constitution states is my right to do so. I am more than willing to see every one of these crooked politicians, law enforcement and these corporations go to jail or be stood before a firing squad for their acts of sedition and treason. I am done and cannot handle any more of this. I am seriously done.

Everyday we are faced with this harassment from law enforcement. We point out the 9th circuit court of appeals ruling to them and they lie and tell us it only applies to those living in tents. Because our vehicle is self contained and able to move it does not apply to us. I call BS! Just because we are not living in a box under a bridge does not mean we can afford to constantly be moving around from place to place. That shit costs money and if you don't have any you can't spend it on gas, rv parks and lodgings such as hotels. They have no place for us to go to that is secure and safe.

Seriously, if these cities and counties want to actually help with this situation they need to change the laws and open up the state parks to us so we can go there instead of the city streets and parking lots. Not to mention the fact that over half of the rest areas throughout the state are shut down so there is no access or places for travelers let alone us homeless to park.

These city and state governments need to stop their bullshit antics here of alienating the populous. In doing so they ARE becoming enemy combatants as in domestic enemies of the people. Every rule, law and regulation they are passing is stripping our Constitutional Rights away from us. We are not being given a say nor a vote on any of this shit they are passing and demanding we conform and comply to. I did not sign anything stating I agree with this bullshit. I WILL NOT COMPLY! I AM DONE!

Humanity it is time to get these communist pieces of shit out of our government offices and hold them accountable for their actions of sedition and treason. Enough is enough already! They want a revolution they got one. I am taking back my rights as a Sovereign Being who is Self Governing!

I will no longer comply with your coercion, manipulation and subversive tactics using mental and emotional duress as the leverage to get what you want here. I am done being abused by these people who think they have authority over me…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.