Hello world. The following was written 09/23/2017.

I talk about the perspectives we are choosing to perceive ourselves and our reality from and as. I speaks of how we are not alone in these things we experience. How much of the trials and tribulations we face as a species has been manufactured on purpose to have Humanity begging to hand away their Sovereignty to be saved…

Good morning world. Had a really crappy night last night. My back was driving me crazy. I would get comfortable and just be falling asleep when the spasms would start. Every 20 minutes I would doze off only to wake back up again in agony. Thinking about trying to take a nap. Key word here is trying. I am usually unable to go back to sleep once I am awake. Once I am up I am up…blah!

For the past week I have been dealing with extreme pain due to sciatica. I had woken up to my left hip being completely locked up. I have been experiencing a sharp pointed pain that literally feels as if it is in the bone itself and deep in the socket of the joint. It actually got to a point where I found myself trying to use a cane at first, then I switched to my walker. I simply could not walk or move without the use of that walker for at least two days. I found I was not able to sit, lay down supine, on my side, or on my tummy. All I could do is try a reclined position for a short duration before the pain would overwhelm me again.

During this time I kept hearing the word "Perspective" within my mind. Being that I was in continuous pain I could understand how I could easily allow the physical pain I was in to distort anything and everything I was perceiving and experiencing. In this same way mental and emotional pain distorts what is being perceived and experienced in the moment to be what it is not. It can also be used as a tool to control and manipulate a being to conform to the dictates of another to stop that pain from continuing.

In having a conversation with my Husband, Alex, today about time and money many images would play through my mind. Alex was pointing out how no matter how much he works or how much money he earns it never seems to be enough. There always seems to be something that cannot be dealt with because there is no money for it.

The images I was receiving as he said this were of stores and the price tags showing very high prices and an arrow pointing upwards. Next to it was a picture of the people working and being paid money. Yet there was an arrow pointing downward depicting that people are making less money now than before.

What these images and my Husband's words helped me to solidify within my own mind was an understanding that we are not the only ones experiencing this inner turmoil. We are not alone in this and neither are you. This cycle we find ourselves in has been manufactured to created so much pain and suffering that the people will beg for someone to come in and save them. This entire situation has been created to gain control of the masses through fear, guilt, shame, pain, suffering, blame and hate.

When Humanity is experiencing pain, suffering, and fear we shut down mentally and emotionally. We become robots because that IS what we are and have been being trained to be. All of us are trained to blindly follow and believe whatever is said to us by those who say they have authority. We give away our individual rights to be taken care of and told what to do. We willingly become slaves in those moments. All of this has been programmed into us. All of us are trained from birth to follow this cycle or pattern blindly. The do as I say and not as I do mentality that our parents have had has seeped over from the government. In truth that is where it originally came from. Society has learned to mimic those they believe are better than them such as government leaders. Just as the individual mimics those they believe know more or are better than them such as their parents or teachers.

How we are looking at the world is based on the perspective of those things we have been taught to think and believe in as being true and as being what defines us on an individual level. Everyone has been taught they do not have any power over themselves and what it is they are choosing. That someone else has the authority to judge them and tell them who they are and what they are allowed to do in any given moment.

This belief that these governments have authority over the people is an illusion. It is a lie that has been getting propagated from the beginning of time itself. The first war was no more than one being holding a belief they could control someone else. In using pain, shame, blame, fear and suffering they took another beings free will to choose what they wanted for themselves away from them. No one gave them that right. They took it. Then they began to abuses those beings they have enslaved forcefully to conform and comply willingly with the mental, emotional and physically abusive dictates they would program them to accept blindly.

What Humanity is experiencing today is no more than a continuation of those same scenarios and tactics. Everything starts out on a mental and emotional level. Once the mental and emotional tools of control and manipulation stop working the tools for physical pain are brought into play. We are literally beaten into submission then. Even unto death if that is what it will take to keep the being next to you from doing as you just did. Of standing up for your right of Free Will to choose what resonates for you. To live as you choose and not as someone else is dictating to you.

This contemplation of perspective has me looking deeply at these things I was taught to think and believe in. It has me looking at the trained responses I am being manipulated too execute. Yet when I do not do as is expected a noose begins to be tightened by those who still follow blindly dictating the things I "should" be doing. All demanding I fall in line with those things they have chosen to blindly believe in.

This contemplation of Perspective has opened a door for me to step through. Where the controlled manipulations my brothers are bowing down to no longer effect me as they once did. I see them for the lies they are. I see the fallacy of the statements they are making to try and manipulate me into a reaction. In everything I understand and recognize these beings no longer have any control or hold over me. In everything I am Sovereign unto myself. What I do is my choice and no one else has any say in it. I am responsible for me and only me. I am only responsible for what I am choosing and no one may make my choices for me. Not even some shill who says they are the authority….

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.