Hello world. The following was written 09/23/2018.

For the last two days I have been finding myself in dialogues with my brothers. My brothers have been sharing links to articles and videos filled with ideologies and propaganda filled with lies and hate. They are choosing to believe in what is told to them and that which they read in a book as being the absolute Truth. They cannot see what is right in front of them. They see only that which they have chosen to believe…

On my journey I have learned to speak bluntly and honestly holding nothing back. Truth will show itself. It always does. When Truth shines its Light it will piss you off and hurt deeply. When you finally accept it your pain will end… It is that simple. No one can change your mind. No one can say or show you anything that you do not want to hear, see nor believe. When the Truth comes, and it will, you will be faced with owning your own choices to believe as you do.

I see the Truth of what it is my brothers do and why it is they do so. I understand how it is they are where they are and how they got there. I recognize how all of Humanity has been indoctrinated to comply with an authority figure believing they do not get a choice and must comply or face persecution, pain and suffering.

In looking at my own life and the myriad trials, traumas and tribulations I have faced on my journey I have come to understand that in every situation I made a choice and a decision to judge or accept a judgment about what it was I was experiencing. I had to look at every rape, molestation, beating, exorcism, mental and emotional abuse to see how I was the one in judgment of what it was I experienced. I had to accept responsibility for my choices to believe as I was. That I made my first judgment at 9 months old when my grandmother force fed me and kicked me across a room into a fireplace.

Those that hurt me did the same things I did. They chose to blindly follow and believe in everything that was being taught to them without question. They never stopped to ask themselves if what they were being taught was right or True. Like me, they too choose to comply and conform to get their pain and suffering to end. Just as all of Humanity has chosen to do. All of us were taught to perceive ourselves as victims and that the world is out to kill us…

It is only in seeing these Truth's that I was able to let go all I had chosen to believe to be True. I could let go and forgive them what I thought was done to me and myself for what I had chosen to believe. In letting go and forgiving I healed my body fully every disease that had been killing me. I had two forms of cancer and many other diseases. All healed when I let go and forgave. When I changed my mind. I seek Truth and I speak Truth. I cannot do otherwise. If I were to try and do so every disease would reappear instantly as if it had never left. That is how powerful deception is and how powerful Truth can be.

As a teenager I was forced to see 5 separate psychiatrists when my landlord tried to rape me and my mother's roommate walked in and stopped him. Of those five psychiatrists only one told me I had done nothing wrong. The other four told me I asked for it, deserved it and should have kept silent. That is the bullshit modern psychology is teaching their students. They teach them to judge, label and then medicate anyone who is not conforming to the cult mentality that is Society. Society is a CULT that you have been indoctrinated into….

Something I have experienced is that every psychologist I have ever had the misfortune to exchange word with has blindly accepted and believed whatever it is they have read in a book or was stated to them by their professors. Not a single one chose to question the bullshit they were being taught to believe and define another being as per the labels being handed to them. Not a single one can share how what they believe in is true nor how they themselves have experienced that which they tout as being factual.

Like these professors, your family, and the rest of Society, you accept and believe what you read in a book or some professor has said to you as being true. You do not recognize how you are being taught to conform blindly without question. You have been trained to believe that if someone has a piece of paper with a title on it they are an authority and you must comply and conform to whatever it is they are dictating. That you are required to believe what they state without question.

These supposed authority figures have bought and paid for their pieces of paper that gives them that title of supposed "authority" over you. It is an illusion that you have been trained to accept as being the absolute truth. You are choosing to believe in lies and accept your own enslavement by them unconsciously accepting their dictates and training to believe that they have "Authority" over you and you have no choice but to comply.

The Truth not only sets one free it can also heal one of every disease too. I have first hand experience in that myself. I healed two forms of cancer and other diseases when I looked at my choices to believe and saw them for the coercive subliminal manipulations they were. How every label handed to me was a lie being used to control the way I perceive and believe myself and my reality to be.

Many of my brothers have accepted blindly what was taught to them and they have read in books. They are also allowing themselves to be used by those who say they are the authority. They are blindly accepting whatever those with a title dictate is the Truth. They are choosing to blindly believe in everything the authority figure tells them too.

Something that was standing out for me during these dialogues with my brothers were the words or labels they were using and the definitions they were attaching to these words. The amount of vitriol was over the top at times. Some of the words being bandied about were the words white male privilege, democracy and racist.

My brothers are holding a belief that the Unites States is a Democracy. Nothing could be further from the Truth. What we have here is a Constitutional Republic Folks. We do not and ARE NOT a democracy. That is part of the lie and the bait and switch that has been played upon the American People. Our Founding Fathers, Hamilton and Madison, made it clear when our Constitution was being written that it was to be for the people, of the people and by the people that our country would be run. That no one was to own nor gain any money nor properties for their service in our government from our government. They would be given a "wage" for time served to supplement their own incomes. It was not until the 19th century that the word democracy started being bandied about and tied to our Nation and our Constitution.

When the Fed was created the word democracy started getting used in connection to our Nation and Constitution. Those same bankers who started the Fed also took control of all "schools" of education, unions, politics and every other aspect of our lives. Do some research Folks. Understand nothing is as it may seem. Everything you think you know and believe in as being true is a lie you were told to believe. All of it is a subliminal mind fuck all of Humanity has been put through.

Humanity has been indoctrinated to conform through the median of language to an imagined authority figure. The words or labels that have been taught to you were created to manipulate how you perceive, think and believe yourself and your reality to be. Each label is given a definition you are to comply to and accept as defining you.

My brothers are choosing to believe in these labels. They are calling each other racists and myriad other labels in a bid to shut down any and all communications between them. My brothers are believing in the separation through those labels that were taught to them. They hold no comprehension as to what it is they are doing here. Nor how it is that it has happened to them. They do not recognize how they are responding unconsciously to the labels they have chosen to believe in. How those labels are creating guilt, shame and fear within them. How they are terrified of being labeled as they are and have been labeling their brothers. The name calling and labels such as racist and white privileged male they have chosen to believe in and would use as the tool to beat their brothers into submission with.

There are no different races my brothers. There are only different belief systems of which we have chosen to believe in. We are all of one SPECIES called the HUMAN RACE. AS IN SINGULAR! You are not your body. You are the Soul within that shell. Your body is no more than a vehicle to get from one experience into the next. Who you are is Eternal. You are not that shell you call your body. You are not what you were taught you are to be. Every difference you think you perceive between you and the person next to you was taught to you. Each one is a lie that was created to manipulate how you think and perceive yourself and everyone else to be. You have been LIED too!

Every label you use to define you and everyone and everything was taught to you by someone else just as it was taught to them. Each one was created to manipulate what you perceive to be real and true. Each label has a definition used to define who you are and are to be. Each one takes away your ability to be Self Governing, A Sovereign Being.

Every single Human Being has been conditioned and indoctrinated into believing and conforming to what they are told by an imagined authority. It starts with your family, then teachers, then your government… You are trained to be a willing slave unconsciously.

There is no right nor wrong. That would be a judgment being held that something is other than it is and it should be different. Every experience is for our benefit with a lesson within we are to learn. Whatever a being is experiencing it is needed for them to learn whatever they are here to learn or it would not be experienced by them.

Nothing is going wrong and nothing has gone wrong. Everything is as it needs to be for all of Humanity to heal and grow Spiritually. Humanity cannot heal that which is not seen. All must come to the surface or it will fester and rot below the surface irritating any who near it.

My brothers, I have no need to prove anything to you. For nothing would be accepted based on where it is you are at in your own minds. You have bought into your own slavery hook line and sinker. Like those who came before you, you blindly accept what is handed to you without question because your masters state it is the truth….

You negate anything and everything without listening to or viewing it. That states everything in a nut shell. You are closed to any possibility that what it is you are choosing to believe in may not be true. That you are choosing to believe in lies that strip from you, your ability to be a Sovereign Being who is Self Governing, is obvious to those who are opening their own eyes to these Truths.

Truth will show itself. It always does… In the end you are the one who will have to bare the responsibility for your choices to perceive and believe as you have chosen for you. No one makes these choices for you. You are the one making each and every choice and decision to believe as you do. What you are experiencing is up to you. How you are choosing to perceive it and judge it is on you.

Every ounce of pain and misery you are experiencing is coming from your choices to accept, believe and judge everything to be. If you would have your pain and suffering end, be willing to look at and question what you believe you have experienced and ask yourself, "How am I judging this? What am I thinking about this? What emotions are coming up with this? Is what it is I am thinking I am perceiving to be happening really true?".

No one can change your mind and no one can proffer you an ounce of proof to get you to see anything differently. No one can do your work of looking at what you have experienced and judged it to be. You have to be the one to willingly do this yourself. Your tolerance for pain may be high, yet it is not without limits. Each and every one of us will reach our breaking point. Each of us will come to a point of no longer wanting to live with our constant pain and misery. All of us will learn to turn within and seek the healing of our Souls. It is only a matter of time before we do…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.