What if there was a zone or region in which unexplained phenomenon and mysterious incidents were the norm?  What if in this zone of mystery, space and time didn’t always behave in a predictable fashion?  There is a location in the heart of North America that has been referred to by many as The Great Lakes Triangle!  The region encompasses Michigan and portions of Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and Ontario Canada. This area has become infamous for the number of vanishings, fateful disasters and unusual phenomenon within it’s borders.  

Unusual clouds, fogs, and mists have been known to descend upon unsuspecting ships and planes, the mystery only deepens when the fog lifts or the cloud parts to reveal the ship or plane has disappeared in an instant!    

 Not only have ships and planes met there untimely fates on these shores, but occasionally people also seem to vanish into thin air, sometimes returning and other times not!   Within the boundaries of the Great Lakes Triangle (G.L.T.) are several other zones of mystery where a variety of unexplained phenomenon are even more concentrated! The Lake Michigan Triangle occupies southern Lake Michigan while the Marysburgh Vortex resides within the eastern shore of Lake Ontario.  Statistically unusual experiences take place more than average in the G.L.T., but within the Lake Michigan Triangle and the Marysburgh Vortex the unusual and unexplained seem to be even more concentrated and focused! 

Unexplained vanishings and untimely fates of planes and vessels aren’t the only mysterious phenomenon lurking around the shore lines of the Great Lakes.  These ancient lakes have also been a hot spot for U.F.O.’s and U.S.O.’s (underwater submersible objects) for decades.  In the 1950’s a military jet and crew vanished while chasing down a U.F.O. over Lake Superior.  

 In the 1960’s Ann Arbor Michigan witnessed a week long U.F.O. flap creating such a commotion that J. Allen Hyneck from the government’s Project : Bluebook was forced to come to investigate.  The final conclusion “SWAMP GAS”!  In the 1990’s another mass sighting took place in southwest Michigan, hundreds of people including police and weather radar operators witnessed several unexplainable luminous objects in the night sky.  This happened to occur on the eastern shores of the so called Lake Michigan Triangle.  Modern sightings of U.F.O.’s or U.A.P.’s (unidentified aerial phenomenon), as they are being dubbed in modern times, still grace the lakes frequently.  In 2006 a U.F.O. made an appearance  above the crowded O’Hare airport in Chicago.  After hovering above a terminal for several minutes it shot straight up leaving a “hole punched cloud” and witnesses in awe!

Considering the unusual vanishings and the mysterious phenomenon permeating this region some have speculated… Could there be a vortex or even portals at play in some aspect?  Coincidently (or not), in many of the same areas of the unexplainable phenomenons are ancient landscapes that have been considered sacred for hundreds, possibly thousands of years.  There are several stone circles and many mounds that the ancient cultures considered sacred and possibly even portals in these precise zones.  Is it possible ancient cultures recognized these energy zones or possible portal points and marked them with stone circles and stellar markers?  Could these regions that may have once rippled space and time still be active today?  

An important point of interest is the fact that many of the ancient sacred sites and zones of mystery contain magnetic and gravitational anomalies.  It may come as a surprise to discover that both the U.S. and Canada began conducting surveys in the 1950’s searching out these magnetic anomalies. Both countries projects were dubbed: Project Magnet!  What did these governments discover after decades of research studying these anomalous magnetic zones?  First, a brief dive into a few of the unusual and many times unexplainable happenings within the boundaries of the time rippling lakes. This is: PROJECT GREAT LAKES!

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