Hello world. The following was written 09/24/2017. 

What it is speaking of are the different aspects we are trained to perceive our reality from and how we are trained to perceive God to be…

Good morning world. Today I am finding questions running through my mind in a dialogue with my Guides. I am asking them about astrology, math, spirituality, beliefs and if any of these things are really of benefit or are they just more things to keep us buried in the chaos of confusion.

Being severely dyslexic, when I personally look at math and astrology I have no comprehension. It looks like squiggly lines that sometimes move around on the page. Yet when I am looking at beliefs and spirituality I am able to understand how they are connected and how they effect each other.

Alex and I were talking about God and whether or not God is really "All Knowing". If one were to look at this from an aspect of reality being that God is separating Itself to try and understand and find itself through each individual being and their experiences… Then that in and of itself is implying that God has no idea who they are so could not be all knowing as we have been taught to think and believe. The very idea of this is actually contradicting itself.

Another aspect one could look at is that God is a being who simply observes what choices are being made without judgment. God is accepting and allowing all to make their own choices and decisions as to what it is they are experiencing, perceiving, believing and being in any given moment. This idea speaks to God simply observing what we do without judging us.

What are the defining aspects of each of these views? In one there is a belief held that if God is all knowing then God can "tell me" what I need to do and when. I shouldn't have to figure anything out on my own. All the answers should be given me and everything handed to me. (This is an impression I am given when one is stating they hold this belief that this is who and what God is or is supposed to be in their minds.) What this aspect speaks of is one refusing to take responsibility for themselves. They are choosing to be a victim in a belief that someone else should be responsible for the choices they are making to think, say, do and believe.

In the other aspect there is an idea being put forth that God does not choose or judge in anything we choose for ourselves. That nothing is wrong or bad. That everything is for our benefit. That we are here to choose what it is we want to experience and how we will perceive it all. That in each of us holding our own perspective of an experience we afford God the ability to simply be in each moment of learning who God is through us. It also speak of us taking responsibility for ourselves and our choices to think, say, do and believe as we are choosing to.

These are some pretty deep reflections. When I am looking at these things with numbers and astrology I am shown how each are no more than tools being created and used to explain and identify something being perceived in those moments. Something about how the movement of one effects the movements of all within and without. The attributes above are what influences that below it. These attributes move today in a fluid dance that was once leaned upon heavily for understanding what was not understandable in the actions of men. That there must be a cause for such an effect to be happening.

So many of the things we have been taught to think and believe are ties binding us in a cage in darkness. Holding us prisoner within the confines of our own lack of understanding. For much of that which is taught is fictional. It was created in the minds of those who came before us. Because they believed it we were told we must believe in it too. Told we do not get a choice, do as I say to do…

This way of thinking has trapped us into believing we are victims. That we have no rights. That we are subject to the rules and judgments of someone else. That we have to accept another beings authority over us. What we have been taught is a lie. Those who are in this thing we call government are telling us they have authority over us. They have the power and the right to control us and decide what is best for us. This simply is not true.

We make all choices and decisions for ourselves. No one is making these choices for us. No one may make these choices for us. We are taught to think and believe they do. It is an illusion. This belief that someone else knows better and has a right to control us. The illusion is held in place using subliminal propaganda. It triggers us on a mental and emotional level. When that stops working the trigger is then switched to physical violence. When one stops working another is used in it's place.

In everything we experience, controlled manipulations are being used to get the reactions that are desired by those who believe they have authority. They are using everything they can think of to get the masses to stay divided and in fear. It is when we are in fear that we stop thinking and begin following blindly. It is when we are in fear that we hand away our free will to choose what resonates for us. It is when we are in fear that we seek to be taken care of and given a feeling of false security. For the very ones we seek this from are the ones who are causing us this fear filled pain and suffering in the first place. They are the ones creating these catalysts that have Humanity running in fear from their brothers…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.