Hello world. The following was written 09/24/2019.

As I scroll through social media I am seeing the same things being posted again and again. I am watching my brothers tear into each other over their beliefs in these lies and propaganda being spewed by these children to incite violence, hatred and the eventual genocide of the population. I am watching the indoctrination of lies being spread blindly without question by my brothers.

A brother asks, "Ok. So you don't think she is valid or effective in the climate issue?"

My response, "Remember Nazi Germany and how they used the children to shame and guilt the adults into complying with the murder and genocide of its own people using lies, coercion, manipulation and duress…? If you do not comply you DIE!

I recognize the lies, propaganda and manipulations for what they are. I recognize how history is repeating itself again and again waiting for Humanity to awaken to the Truth of what it is they have been indoctrinated to blindly follow, accept and believe in here. I recognize how Humanity is accepting their own willing slavery through the manipulations of guilt, shame and blame. I SEE the TRUTH through the LIES being placed before me by those who don the imaginary illusionary mantel of authority…

Can you state the same? I think not based on that which you keep sharing. You keep sharing the lies and propaganda they would have you blindly believe in as being real and true. This belief that there are to many people and we need to cull the population is a lie.

Think on this, the only way to keep control and power over a group of people is to keep the group small and manageable. How do you do this? Through the propaganda of population control. You tell your people that the person next to them needs to die if they are to survive just as they are doing now. It is why they have started the whole white privilege, supremacy and that white men need to die or be killed. Same thing they did with the Jews in Germany. They created a false narrative to separate, divide and then genocide their own people. Just as they are doing today."

This belief in climate change is a twisted perversion of what is really happening here. If one looked to science they would find that our history shows this planet was once a tropical paradise with few if any glaziers on its surface. The climate world wide was tropical so supportive of life everywhere and not just in certain areas. That is the science that has already proved this on all continents when they looked at the layers of the soil. They could see where water was present in rain fall such as the weathering of the Sphinx in Egypt. It is all there for the finding if Humanity is willing to STOP and look at what is being placed before them and QUESTION IT!

Recognize what you do and why. Recognize how you are being manipulated and coerced using your own mind and emotions against you to gain your willing compliance here. Humanity WAKE UP, STAND UP and TAKE BACK your Sovereignty of Being to be Self Governing so Self Reliant! No one is going to hand your Freedom to you here. In Truth those in power would rather keep you as a WILLING SLAVE! Only you can save yourself here. No one is going to come in and save you from yourself. You have to be willing to save yourself. As you stand up your brothers will witness this and begin to STAND WITH YOU! Once one stands others will stand too. You are NOT ALONE HERE! Recognizing this Truth will take your power back from your slave masters!

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.