We are surrounded by Aliens!  Most are neutral or friendly, but the bottom 1% hate . . . Monkeys!  We must prepare for attack.  We must be ready to defend our right to survive.  We must support the UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE!



     Don't expect Aliens to land on our beaches.  Don't expect them to parachute down from the sky.  Don't expect them to march down our streets.  You must prepare for ASYMMETRIC ATTACK!

     Have you seen strange people that don't act exactly right?  Or, strange people that talk by growling or in high pitched shrieks?  Have you noticed people that stare at you for no reason?  Maybe it's because you're . . . Human!  And, they aren't.

     And don't ignore the warning signs of asymmetric attack.  You know:  strange things going on, things not quite right, or bizarre happenings that defy explanation.



     Us Monkeys, I mean Humans, have to do whatever is necessary to survive.  The Monkey haters are . . . out there!  They are the BOTTOM 1% OF ALIENS.



     Not all Grays are hostile, but these guys are!  They don't like us Monkeys at all!


Added Bonus!