Hello world. The following was written 09/25/2017. 

I was being shown some in depth Truth's regarding so called teachers and gurus as well as Open Houses and Closed Houses. How those houses differ and how you can spot them quickly…

Something interesting has been playing out of late. I have been getting invitations to groups that state they are open and public, yet they are not actually open and public. These groups are putting up a false façade or mask. They suck you in with this belief that you can share openly where you are at on your journey and that they are there to help you. Nothing could be further from the Truth!

Yesterday I tried to post for the first time in a group I had been recently invited into. I was sharing a memory from around 3 years ago talking about when two or more join together… I was notified that my post had been approved. I had to go back and look at the group again to make sure I was witnessing, what I was there. Yes, I was not being allowed to share freely. Someone was picking and choosing what was to be seen and what was not going to be seen. This was not an open house as my guides have deemed is needed for healing.

I received a welcome to that group with the allowance of my post I was sharing of a memory. I found myself responding with the following as my Guides immediately informed me that I could not stay in this closed house. The stagnation and stigmatizing of any who think or see things differently will keep those in control and those choosing to blindly follow them in a box or cell of someone else's creation.

My response, "Thank you brother for the welcome… Although due to my post having to be approved first it is telling me this is not really an open group. Due to that point in and of itself my Guides tell me I am not to stay. No good comes from a closed house. If and when this house becomes fully open to all without censor I may join again. Blessings on your journey brother. Hugs and love."

The being in charge in that group found he needed to try and instruct me. He seems to believe he knows what is best not only for himself, but any and all who are around him. Also, he found a need to inform me that he believes the beings I have chosen to listen to are illusions essentially. I seriously laughed my head off at this guys presumptions to know what is best for anyone. Each of his comments were jam packed full of his egoistic judgmental beliefs that he needs to control others and what it is they are allowed to see, hear, view, and experience.

A brother states, "Sabrina, Apparently you find my response humorous. How sad. Have you ever considered that what some refer to as their "Guides" may actually be their own Sub-Conscious programming? Think about it."

Alex responded with the following, "It's the difference between being considered innocent until proven guilty and being guilty until being proven innocent. Currently it appears that we cannot come to an agreement or an understanding nor is Sabrina willing to come in here or willing to have a dialogue with you. She seems to know what discussions are worth her time and what discussions would be as fruitful as talking to a brink wall. It seems that she called this one right again. That is why I don't doubt her when she says that her guides are telling her something."

I have been dealing with said encounter in my own group now. He deleted part of the conversation he was having with my husband after my husband pointed out he was trying to set a stage so he could boot my husband. His next comments proved my husbands point and he said so to him. That guy then booted my husband and deleted his comments that stated exactly what the guy was going to do and how…

Luckily, being the techy he is my husband was able to save the entire conversation and post it where it cannot be deleted for all the world to see.
A brother states, "Keep it up! Those with true Discernment will see the truth soon enough."

My response, "I bet they will… You seem to want people following you. You seem to seek out people to follow you. That assessment is from the invite YOU gave me to YOUR dictatorship… I mean group. I do not seek out others. Nor do I ask them to follow me. Yet I seem to have close to 10k followers right now from around the world.

Apparently Folks like honesty and authenticity in the sharing of experience, over being told what to do, how to think, and who they are to be."

Folks, I do not hide who I am or what I am experiencing. I have been speaking to "Guides" since 2004. These "Guides" have helped me to heal on all levels from all the myriad experiences I have had throughout my life. I have healed the brutal abuses I experienced at the hands of others as a child. I have healed my physical body of all diseases without medications or surgeries when I changed my mind about those things I had experienced and judged to be what they were for me. The thing that stands out here Folks is that in every single situation of healing I did NOT follow someone else. I did NOT accept what another was stating was the truth. I did NOT blindly accept and believe that anyone knew what would be best for me. In all things I looked within myself to find the Truth. I NEVER looked outside of me for answers.

Now consider this Folks… This belief that you have control of anything or anyone outside of you is an illusion. It is a fantasy that has been taught to you and is held and being created within your own minds. The person in that group stated he has done ACIM and been a student of it for 20 years and now "follows" another thought system. He negates any other point of view that does not align with his own. He doesn't seem to realize he is admitting to blindly following and believing and that it is not and has not worked for him yet….

What we have here is another want to be teacher/guru who is blindly following and believing in something someone else has stated. Like most of these so called teacher/gurus they cannot use their own life experiences as examples of where they have been and how their perspectives have been changed on their journeys. All they do is regurgitate that which has been spoon fed to them from someone else.

Folks, there comes a point on this journey when me must be willing to step back and look at these things we are doing, thinking, believing and following. We must be willing to look below the surface of the false façade and mask these people are placing in front of them. We must learn to discern the Truth intermixed within the lies that they are feeding us.

Until we begin to Stand firmly in our Light of Truth and accept responsibility for ourselves and our choices… These fake people will continue to try and manipulate and control you. They will continue to try to control everything you hear, see, read and think. They will continue to try and force feed you their closed view of how you should be.

Until you are willing to Stand in your Light of Truth no matter what the person next to you has chosen to believe in… You will continue to find yourself held a prisoner of the judgments being laid upon you. You will continue to find yourself locked within a cage in your own mind built from the very judgments that have been handed to you. Consider again what it is you have chosen here. Consider again these things being handed to you by these so called "teachers" and "gurus". Nothing is at it seems Folks. All of it and each of them are an illusion waiting to crumble.

Blessings on your journeys my brother. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.