What is a coronavirus doing in 1980s B-52s Time travel music video?


The musical group the B-52s are certainly known as one of the greatest party and love shack bands, along with a little psychedelic space fair. But what about time travel specifically? On this onsteller channel I have demonstrated through a series of articles about various songs and albums the strong possibility that the B-52s are connected to time travel and the John Titor case.


In my analysis, and first article published here, I had shown that the “Song For A Future Generation” may very likely been written from information from the future at that time in 1983. And in my article on this channel, I have shown that the song reveals to the 1980s generation the coming internet generation, of social media, online dating, gaming, media etc. But are there more clues about the future there?


The music video for “Song For A Future Generation” was released in 1983 along with the single. And along with a few time travel visuals like a ergosphere and disappearing band member, there appears to be two strong references to a corona-sphere or coronavirus. The first comes in at the 2:48min mark with what appears to be some sort of hanging model. This seems to hanging from the ceiling of the set along with models of various planets including Saturn. The hats that the male band members are wearing in the video seem to parallel this visual. Well if the hanging corona-sphere seems just a simple coincidence, at the 3:13min mark is gets much more interesting. The late Ricky Wilson is wearing what appears to be a sports jacket with corona-spheres splattered about. In another strange coincidence, Ricky died of Aids in 1985; and the coronavirus has been found to have a mutated gene that is found in Aids virus but not any other coronavirus strains.


This would all seem like one big coincidence from an old 1980s music video, with little relevance to today's coronavirus pandemic, if it where not for the strong clues throughout the B-52s career linking them strongly to John Titor and time travel. So the question remains, what is a corona-sphere or coronavirus doing in a B-52s music video?