Hello world. The following was written 09/28/2017.

Something interesting has been being brought into my awareness. Two things actually, yet both seem to have a deeper connection to each other then one would surmise when looking on the surface.

Of late I am witnessing one being after another "telling" any who will listen that they know what is best and to listen to and follow their lead. To do what they are dictating and not question them or their intentions. The next thing I am witnessing are folks telling others that this book and that book is the absolute truth and should be followed without question… Both of these things come from the same place. A belief in power and control and that someone else knows best…

Not everything you read is true. Even in ACIM there are things in there created to cause one to question. Those who blindly follow and believe tend to find themselves in ruts that they are unable to extricate themselves from. Ruts they have been stuck in for 20 plus years… If blind following and believing actually worked… We would not have the corruption and chaos that is prevalent in the world today. People would have believed every single word within religion and would enforce it stringently on all their path crosses. No one would be allowed to think differently or believe differently.

Consider how main stream religions work. One is told that everything the one at the pulpit is stating is the absolute truth and must be followed and adhered to because they dictate that it is so. Now consider how some of these religions have their following blowing themselves up for that religion. That is what and where blind following leads. When those things came up in ACIM about blindly following and believing everything it said I questioned whether that was really true. I questioned what I was being told to do and why I was being told to do it. In doing so, I have healed myself on all levels and have opened the door to the gifts I was given at birth. The gift of sight/visions, hearing that which is not here, and understanding all that is given me and I experience. Understanding how all is of benefit to me. I got those answers by questioning them and not accepting what someone else was telling me everything is supposed to be….

Brother open your eyes to the propaganda being spoon fed to you. Start questioning everything you think you know and believe in to be true. I promise you that everything you think you know is a lie created to control you. By blindly following and believing in whatever is said to you by those who say they have authority… You choose to become their slave willingly. Seriously open your eyes and question before believing… Even the media is in on this propaganda agenda. Nothing is as it seems anymore. Question everything and believe nothing…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.