Hello world. The following was written 09/28/2018.

Do you remember Graham asking at the end of the confirmation hearings before the circus began about 9/11 and we were placed under Martial Law that was never lifted? How he then began asking Kavanaugh about the differences between civil law and martial law and the different kinds of martial law and what those entail? Graham pointed out that anyone colluding with foreign agents and governments to undermine our Constitution are to be considered enemy combatants and traitors. That according to our laws treason is punishable by death.

Each of those democrats were scared to death because they are looking death in the face right now. Kavanaugh moves us closer to the majority vote for Constitutional Law. Once he is confirmed we get that much closer to there being enough Constitutionalist Justices to begin opening over 51 thousand plus sealed indictments. He and the rest of those Justices will be opening and beginning the prosecution of all of these people who have been torturing him, his family and the American People.

Believe it or not all of this started with JFK. Look into the JFK files released when Trump took office. Those files outline all the corruption and who the key players were and now are. It also outlines the money trails of all of them and how all the drugs, arms, human trafficking and child sex trafficking has been being accomplished. Those who were at the top in JFK's time had proteges. Their children and their proteges are now our politicians, current and recent leaders… Nothing is as it may seem.

Do you remember the saying, "Remember the Alamo!"? History repeats itself when Humanity does not pay attention. Just as they did with the Alamo our politicians are playing a game with our lives. They are willingly destroying and killing us off to create as much chaos as they can to manipulate the People to beg to be saved from them. Do you remember the Alamo? Do you remember?

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.