Hello world. The following was written 09/28/2018.

It is amazing how easily Humanity can be manipulated through labels and lies. What ever happened to the policy or precedents of INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN guilty? I swear Humanity needs to wake up to how language is being used to control and manipulate you on a subliminal level through subversive coercive tactics using shame, blame, guilt, anger and fear as the catalyst. You are being played and they are using your own mind and emotions to do so. They literally have you begging them to finish off enslaving you as you hand them your Sovereignty and your ability to be self governing. They are using labels as the tools of control here.

Something to consider here is that Kavanaugh's accuser is a licensed psychologist who has more than likely listened to many an account from patients on rape and sexual abuse. She would know what the key points are and how to deliver them as if she experienced them even if she did not. Which is why her own private doctor called her on her BS and stated none of what she has said is true. Everyone of the witnesses she has named as being there have signed affidavits under OATH stating that the event never happened and they were not there. They have NO MEMORY OF IT. One of those witnesses was her own friend who stated she did not know Kavanaugh, had never met nor seen him before.

Every label is a LIE they create to manipulate you and how you are thinking, perceiving and believing. They feed you lies telling you it is the Truth. All because the one saying it tells you they are "The Authority!" you believe them blindly. No one has authority over you and you were never required to believe in all the bullshit you have been indoctrinated into believing. Start questioning this shit and start looking for TRUTH people! That woman is a liar. She is baring false witness and is willfully doing so under oath. That makes her eligible for PRISON! For baring false witness is prosecutable as a FEDERAL OFFENSE.

Everyone seems to want to prosecute Kavanaugh because some bimbo said he touched her. Personally, as a woman who has been raped, molested, beaten on, mentally and emotionally abused starting at 9 months old through my growing years, I can state unequivocally I remember every freaking incident as if it happened moments ago. Every single person that I have ever spoken with who has had similar experiences ALSO remembers theirs as if it JUST happened to them. Doesn't matter if alcohol is part of things either. Fear happens to be a great catalyst to sobriety. That woman is not believable, especially because she is a psychologist and understands how to control and manipulate someone on a subconscious level.

Once again I speak from first hand knowledge and experience of what Psychologists do… I had 4 try to tell me I asked for it, deserved it, should have kept my mouth shut and was lying when I was 14 pressing charges against my landlord who had tried to rape me. He had ripped off my top and had me pinned to the ground when my mothers roommate walked into the house and stopped him… So, NO I do not believe that woman for a second and her job title makes her even more suspect in my mind.

What you all have been witnessing and experiencing is a manipulation of your subconscious minds and emotions. They have you believing we live in a democracy when our country is a Constitutional Republic. They have you believing that the law states you are guilty until proven innocent. They have you believing an accusation is fact. They have you believing that a label defines who you are, what you are and how you are to be treated. Our laws state you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. There is NO COURT of public opinion that matters. None of these labels they hand out are true. They have no meanings other than what they tell you they are.

Each of these Democrats showed their hand today and what it was they were really after. Power and control. This farce with Ford and Kavanaugh is a delay tactic and nothing more. Their intent is to hold out until after the elections. Their intent is to bring forward more accusers with false allegations to keep these investigations going indefinitely. Their actions of releasing Fords information against her request says what they think and how they feel about women. Their actions and treatment of Kavanaugh show exactly what they think of this country. It shows what they think of the law. It shows they believe themselves above the law…

Trump has over 51 thousand sealed indictments awaiting opening BY KAVANAUGH and these Justices once we have a confirmed majority of Constitutional Justices. Is it any wonder they are freaking out and doing everything possible to derail him now? When he is confirmed he will remember every one of these people and will hit them harder because of it.

THEY are looking at those 51 thousand plus sealed indictments waiting to be opened by these Justices. Kavanaugh and one more would make a majority vote for our Constitutional Laws which state that Treason is punishable by death. They are all looking death in the face right now and THEY KNOW IT! Remember, they have killed to keep what they have been doing secret.

If you haven't read them yet look into the JFK files and who all was involved in the CIA, FBI, DOJ and various other parts of our government at the time. Then look at the last couple of presidents and how they are connected to those who were in power back then… Then look at those in our government who were around at that time too and how it is that many of their children and "proteges" are now holding seats as our politicians and leaders… See a pattern yet?

By the way, those files are all of the government files from the CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA that Trump released when he entered office as they had reached the 25 year statute of limitation that stipulates their release unless otherwise stipulated by the PRESIDENT. It is those files I speak of. They contain evidence of the trafficking of drugs, weapons, human trafficking and a lot more by our government agencies. They show how Bush senior was head of one of those agencies and was working with then governor Clinton to ship in drugs and Human Beings for whatever they wanted. All in those files…

We have been under Martial Law since 9/11/01. Sen. Graham had made a point to specifically ask Judge Kavanaugh about 9/11 and the fact that we are under Martial Law and how does Martial Law work. Does the Judge know what the differences are. It was at that point all the allegations started coming out shortly after those last interviews. Connect the dots and gain the bigger picture. The democrats are running scared for a damn good reason. They have all been committing Treason knowingly.

These people are no different then Bill Cosby. He wore a false facade and mask to create an image that was no more than an illusion to hide the true character of his nature from the public eye. When the truth came out at first it was not believed. More and more evidence came out to prove the lie he was. What these politicians have done is try to create a "WHITE" Bill Cosby through Kavanaugh. Problem is, Kavanaugh is not made of the same material as any of these people. He is actually honorable, honest and authentic. Something none of them can state of themselves nor comprehend the value of.

All of these politicians and activists screaming for an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh and all of his information would do well to extend that investigation into Fords childhood acquaintances and "boyfriends". Also look into her connection with Bill Clinton as a teenager since there ARE pictures floating around of them together arms wrapped around each others waists and such. Especially with Bill's connections to Lolita Express and that woman's penchant for partying and sex parties as a teenager as reported in her high school year books. All five years of them…

Please look into that envelope that was being passed along at yesterdays hearing to Fords attorney from (D) Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee and how her and Diane Feinstein are connected to these attorneys. Also look into those attorneys of Fords bank accounts and what not too. They stated under oath they were working Pro-Bono. That means they are not accepting money from any outside sources for that case to fund it. If they are doing this Pro-Bono why does Ford need multiple gofundme accounts to pay for "legal" costs? Wouldn't that be a form of FRAUD? Yes, PLEASE Investigate Fords perjury of herself while under oath too….

Something else to consider looking into would be Ford's connections to the CIA via her family who are or are connected to high level CIA, activists, political parties and she herself works for them, being she is a "recruiter" for them. Everything is screaming collusion at the highest levels again.

Just a few more things to look at and consider when being bombarded by all this propaganda being flung at you from all sides. So I ask you now, based on all these facts who do you want to believe? SERIOUSLY!

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.