Hello world. The following was written 09/29/2014.

Good morning world. I hear the word Salvation and it means nothing to me…It has no value in my mind. It's meaning has been thinned to a veils thinness. It's meaning is hazy with no clear meaning other then what one puts to it. Divine purpose has more meaning to me in this. It says to me that I have purpose. There is a reason for my existence. My purpose, to heal myself and reach my Father with my brothers beside me.

Not feeling the love this morning. Feeling very irritable and short tempered. I snapped at my cat to get the hell out of my way and from under my feet or I wasn't going to care if I kicked him. Not sure what is going on. I feel tired and achy all over. I keep clenching my teeth too. Just feeling off center this morning. Not a happy Panda this morning at all. Wow I keep crying too. No reason for it. Dry eyed one second a waterfall the next. What the hell is happening to me? My mind is completely blank other then noticing what I am feeling physically. Holy Spirit why am I bawling my eyes out here?

Had something very interesting happen. My large crystal necklace fell and broke in half. I haven't had much of a reaction to it myself. Yet my husband was very upset about it. It just feels right to me that it broke at this time. Such a sad thing though. It was very beautiful. It still is. It is just in two pieces now. It shall serve a new purpose now. It is the same necklace as is showing in my photo. Its smaller now…

I just listened to a "church service"… At least I think that is what it was supposed to be. According to the "leader/minister" if we aren't doing things the way they dictate we are wasting their time. All I kept hearing were their judgments of their brothers as not doing whatever it is to their satisfaction.

I asked Holy Spirit what I am perceiving as I listened to this. If what I am hearing being said is what they are meaning. The next words out of their mouth confirms it again. They are saying they have no faith or trust that their brothers are walking their paths perfectly. That their brothers must stop and follow their leadership and dictates because they know what is best for their brothers. Something is not right with this picture I am hearing and seeing being painted before me… Something is starting to smell pretty rotten actually. Enough to cause one to start gagging from the stench of the rotting decay of the ego mind that seems to be in charge of that "service" this morning.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.