Hello world. The following was written 12/13/2015.

There are things happening around the world and even close to home for everyone lately. There seem to be a lot of people experiencing strange things. Short tempers, unusual giddiness, chaotic emotions, visions, voices, extreme fear and so many other things as well. Each time I encounter these things in the folks around me I am being told by Holy Spirit that more and more folks are going to start exhibiting things of this nature.

He is saying something about the darkness within us is rising to the surface. The only way to sidestep the devastation of being overwhelmed by our own inner darkness is to willingly look at it all. To ask for Holy Spirit's help to look at all He would have you look at. To have Him help you see what He would have you see and hear what He would have you hear. To deny Him nothing in His directions to you in searching out every item He would have you seek.

The time of following someone else and doing as they do and say blindly is at an end. Each of us must go within the Labyrinths of our minds and shine His Light into every darkened corner and recess as we traverse the Labyrinths path back to the center. Every thought and belief we come across we are to question it's validity of Truth with His. Even our very core beliefs that we learned at birth. Traversing this labyrinth one step, one thought at a time, one experience at a time until we reach ourselves once again. Finding ourselves again within our own center. Finding out who we really are. Eternal…

In my healing I reached a point of needing a fuller understanding of the things I went through in my life. Why was I taught to believe the things I was believing in. It wasn't enough that I see the judgments I was holding onto and believing in as truth. When I asked for that understanding I was shown clearly what my misconceptions were. That I was believing their judgments and opinions of me as being true.

Holy Spirit took it a step further and showed me that every single judgment and opinion they were handing over to me where no more than their judgments and opinions about themselves. When I believed them blindly and followed what they said to me I enacted those same judgments on myself. I created my own living Hell from that moment forward. When I looked at my thoughts and what I was believing in and asked for correction I got it. I also received healing as well. Not just of the mind but of my physical body. If that does not say that our thoughts create our illnesses I don't know what else would.

Holy Spirit keeps telling me to Testify to His Truth in my life. To what He is showing me and how I am getting there. I am to share my processes and the results of them. I am speaking and sharing my own experiences and nothing more here. No projections of shame, guilt, blame and fear.

How many folks would question the validity of a miracle happening to them with doubt and the belief that something has gone wrong? Apparently all of them. Everyday we judge the things happening in our lives and around us as good, bad, right and wrong. We judge everything out of some belief that we know what is best for us. Yet, losing our jobs, breaking bones or burning that dinner was the absolute best thing that could have happened to us in that moment if we simply allowed it to be as it is and accepted it without any judgments. That anyone of those things leads us to a healing in some way and a better situation than we were in before if we stopped fighting it with what we are thinking needs to happen.

I no longer deny what I experience. I accept it and allow it to be as it is. I no longer listen to anyone or anything outside of myself for guidance. I have placed myself in Holy Spirit's hands and have no desire to take myself from there ever again. I reached the bottom of my barrel long ago and Holy Spirit has been helping me climb out of it ever since.

Hahahaha…Holy Spirit is saying riding the barrel over the water falls may seem like fun at first until you recognize the true peril of what it is you're intending to do. Which is leaping blindly after the guy in front of you because you never bothered to question if it was a good idea in the first place. Instead of following them blindly, come over here to the stairs and we shall get you there in a more orderly fashion. One that will actually get you there in one piece alive a kicking. Instead of an old pine box with your name etched herein…

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.