The events of 2020 have shaken Americans to the core. 


How did we get here? – is a good question to ask. To answer that, we need to examine our nation’s past. An honest self reflection is needed at this time, to learn from mistakes made an find solutions for issues we face today.


The Democratic party has a racist history. Though this is not disputed, they have gone to great length to hide it, by erasing it from textbooks and replacing it with misleading propaganda.


Nevertheless, it is well documented, there is even a 13 volume set of congressional investigations in the Library of Congress from 1872, titled: Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire into the Condition of Affairs in the late Insurrectionary States, that details the Democratic party’s history and their connection to the KKK.


First, it’s important to point out, that calling attention to the Democratic party’s racist history isn’t a criticism of Democrat voters. They are good hearted folks, who just want a better life for their families and for their fellow Americans.

It is also not an endorsement of the political Right. Most Republican politicians of today are puppets, indebted to special interests, they are in Washington to simply enjoy their status.



1829 – the Democratic party is founded, on a platform of individual rights, state sovereignty and pro slavery.


1830 – Democratic president Andrew Jackson creates the Indian Removal Act, that forced indigenous people to leave their homeland. (Trail of Tears)


1854 – the Republican party is founded, on an anti-slavery platform.


1857 – In a case of Scott vs. Sandford, the court ruled that slaves aren’t citizens, they are property. The seven j  ... Full Article: Time For Truth Blog