Great feats of battle happened during the Vietnam War.  During the 1968 TET OFFENSIVE 500 American soldiers, fresh off two civilian Boeing 707s at Tan Son Nhut Air Base defeated 34,000 North Vietnamese Army troops.  Several days later a thousand men (500 defending the barracks area and 500 defending the Main Gate) at Nha Trang Air Base prevented a North Vietnamese Army Division (17,000 men) from taking their base.

     The News Media was biased--hard Left--during the Vietnam War.  So, you never heard the numbers before!

     I know because I fought at both battles!  At Nha Trang only half of us got up at 6 AM and walked away.  I was lucky, I had only taken a crease in my helmet and a ricochet in the butt.  An Air Force Medic removed the bullet in the Barracks.  No Purple Heart.  The Medic didn't have the forms!  JON HAROLD LAVINE


     But here is a video on a different war:



     I'm not downplaying WWII.  Americans fought hard there too!


Vietnam 1968:


     Sergeant LaVine at Nha Trang, Vietnam in 1968.